So there is the princess,the heir to the throne,our spoiled rotten brat. Ladies and Gentlemen meet Lola. It would appear that I have started a blog ! I am very happy about this, here’s hoping that I can be as witty and entertaining as some of the blogs that I read. Just a few things you may want to know about us.

I am a gay man who is lucky enough to have had a partner for the past 5 years, we are actually doing a committment ceremony this year,in a little over a month I might add. Bit stressful.

We have lived on the lovely Isle of Maui for a little over one year now and love every minute of it, although it did take some getting used to . I have always been a water/ocean kinda guy but never lived close to the ocean before .

P (my partner) and I met at a bar and have never been apart from each other except for the week he went to get Lola from the mainland.

Thats about all I can think of for this my first post, before long you will know probably more than you want to about us but thats what this blog is all about .