And how,you may ask, did we end up with such a fine looking dog? Well you are in luck because that is the story I had prepared for todays installment. This story takes us back 5 years. Right after P and I decided to get an apartment together.

The development we chose had a high school track and field area right behind it, and no sooner than having filled out the paperwork for the apt. the Office Mgr looked at us and said "now when are you going to get your dog?" Turns out this apt complex was very dog friendly , as a matter of fact almost every unit had a dog attached to it. We decided to go to the humane society right after we unloaded our truck. We took P's nephew J with us for the childproofing test, as whatever dog we got would be spending alot of time with P's sister and her children.

The first lil pooch that caught our eye was a beautiful German Shepherd puppy named Virginia, we asked if we could take her out to the play yard and were led outside with her. J as excited as a 6 year old can be when confronted with a new playmate started running around the enclosed area, with Virginia close behind , nipping at his feet and hands. I pulled P aside and we just watched as the nipping became more excited. I told P we couldn't take Virginia with the possibility that she might bite one of A's children . And so the search continued. As we rounded the corner from Ginnie's spot I ran face to face into a stare down with the most adorable dog I had ever seen, yup you guessed it Ms. Lola wanted her turn on the play yard……………… to be continued…………………….