And so we asked that Lola be brought to the play yard J in the lead . Lola is a combination Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix so she loves to run, and jump and herd things . J and I were having a blast playing with her and just getting to know her a bit and P was talking to the Humane Societies employee . She was telling P that we did not want this dog , apparently Lola had already been returned to the H.S a number of times for disruptive behavior( read destroying peoples property) and if she was brought back by us she would be euthanized.

Now I can get a bit emotional at times, and I had already spent time getting a bond formed with Lola, so imagine my reaction when P came to relay all the bad news. I got a little upset and walked out of the play area. P came out to talk to me and realized that I had misty eyes, and asked me if I really wanted to chance taking a dog that we were told was disruptive and had high separation anxiety( by the employee that had fostered her at her own home for a while). I told P that I really didn’t know what to do but I really liked Lola and shouldn’t she get another chance?

Now keep in mind that J was still in the play area with Lola who we had tired out playing ball . We went to have one last look and make our decision since I had calmed down. Stepping back into the play yard we could see that the two of them were just having too much fun, and the decision was made to keep her . We took her home that very afternoon.

Did she destroy things ….Yes …many plants, trees, a bed ,bedroom carpeting etc but when we moved into our 2nd apt with her she became a completely different dog she destroyed nothing at the second place . She just needed to be part of a loving family and we proved to her that we were it . And she really loves living in Maui. All things considered I have never regretted dealing with the bad to get where we are with her now …she is our daughter and the love we share is wonderful. I love our little family of three .