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We got through our wedding with minimal damage…and even managed to survive the whirlwind week that followed .The guests that we had staying at our place were all quite awesome.That being said, I encourage all of you to think twice before having 15 people stay in a place that is barely suitable for two. Thankfully most of our guests were very self sufficient but trying to coordinate the things that needed to be coordinated was , a bit chaotic. If not for the aforementioned awesomeness of our guests it could have been alot worse.

A few posts back I said that we thought our ceremony would “go off without a hitch” well…… there were a few. One of which was the fact that we were over an hour late to it . As I told P on our way to the site it really could not have been helped, and they really couldn’t have started without us (could they ?) When we finally did arrive the videographer said that it was a good thing we were running late. It seems it had been sprinkling and the weather had looked ugly until about 10 minutes before we got there. So, there you have it, everything happens for a reason !Although, I did feel bad about making everyone wait so long for us ….over an hour….in the rain . Later, as we were giving leis to the honored folk in the gathering I watched in horror as P put a lei on his cousin who was beaming in the front row …even though she was supposed to be standing up with me on my side . We had forgotten to remind her of this fact . That night at the reception she was very gracious as we were apologizing….for FORGETTING HER. She actually did alot for us, doing all the flowers, decorating the tent etc. Needless to say we felt horrible.

On to the reception which I think was very nice …the food was a bit late in coming but when it was done it was delicious. The cake was absolutely gorgeous. as were all the decorations. I will be posting pictures as soon as we sort through them all . Now we have settled down , all the guests are gone . Peace settles once again over our house , our house that really needs a good cleaning now that our lives are back in order. Stay tuned for my next post , in which I tell the story of 5 of our guests getting stranded about an hour from us , in the rain, not knowing where they are . And yet 2 of them get to meet a real Hawaiian cowboy (paniolo) and the owner of the only winery/vineyard on Maui……….


What will we be blamed for next?

Wow, I am beside myself with anger and resentment. I stumbled across someone else’s blog ( and by stumbled I mean I got there through numerous other links and such and can’t remember how I got there) And saw an article he posted by one of the high muckety mucks of the Southern Baptist Convention. We are now being blamed for the break down of heterosexual males ability to form lasting friendships with other straight males. The guy stated that with movies like Brokeback Mountain being accepted into the mainstream “regular hetero males will have less likelyhood to form bonds with other straight guys because of the misconception that they may be thought to be homosexual.”

Now I don’t know about everyone and I can only speak for myself when I tell you that I have many straight male friends that hang out with P and myself on a regular basis that dont care one iota that we are fags. If these hetero men are comfortable enough around us to go with us to gay and straight bars alike, and have great times, then how can we be blamed for them not being able to have concrete hetero male friendships? Why ,once again, are the fingers being pointed at us for the demoralization and breakdown of society? I mean come on now , really folks, can’t you find any other scapegoat to pin this one on ?

And for that matter, I find no basis for the argument anywhere I have been lately. They are telling us that straight guys are afaid to be seen together in public in case someone might target them as a homo, however, you still see the gaggles of straight men hanging out all over the place. In malls, at bars, at concerts and sporting events, they are still fairly prevelant in my way of thinking.

I refuse to be the reason that they can’t make friends of their own ilk. It is not my fault and I really feel it is a non-issue. The boy ( or in this case hate filled judgemental fundamental christian “scholar” ) who cried wolf will not cut it this time . I think I am going to church this week to hug all the straight boys then lock lips with P for the whole sermon !!!

End rant