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Much Ado About Nothing

I work in the hospitality/resort field. That being said I really do love it . I have only one problem with it and that is the fact that I always have weird days off. Rarely, if ever, do I get a Saturday/Sunday hiatus from work . Which in a way kinda bugs me because most of you bloggers that I read do have Sat/Sun off and don't post over the weekend (yes I do sometimes read blogs at work*gasp*) .

Now that I have that off my chest I will tell you what I did on my days off ( I actually got 3 days off this week). And did nothing . Nada  well some laundry , and thought about mowing the grass but its been rainy here the past week and mowing would really be messy . Oh, we also had a small dinner for a friend of P's that is moving off island . He is going to spend some time with his parents in Connecticut and then moving to New Zealand ( nice for him huh ?) The dinner was nice low key and a good time was had by all . But that really is all I've done. I actually have one more day off but P is working so I doubt anything exciting will happen . Sorry about the boring post but hopefully I will have something exciting to post about soon.


I figured it out

There is now no need to go to blogger , I have moved all my stuff here !!!! And now enough with the administration of things

Okay Kids Here we go ……I hope I can make it to 100

1) I was born in Allentown, Pa. on Dec 22,1965 ( yes that makes me 40)

2) I have also lived in ( in no particular order) Texas,Alabama,Pa.(again),California,Oregon and now live in Maui.

3) I am very nomadic by nature.

4) Knew since I was 13 that I would live in California one day , got there when I was 27.

5) My 2 sisters and I were adopted by my step-father who had 5 children by a previous marriage bringing our total to 8 children.

6) I was second to last, but with just my 2 sisters I was the middle child.

7) We had 4 boys and 4 girls.

8) One of my brothers is dead.

9) He died in a tragic motorcycle accident when I was a teenager.

10) I hate motorcycles.

11) Even though I had 3 sets of grandparents, none of them are around today.

12) We moved to Alabama when I was 7.

13) Though I would not like to live in Bama again, I am very glad that I was raised in the South.

14) I hate when people speak ill of the South, especially if they have never even been there.Sure there are alot of idiots in the South and I am not excusing any of them , but you can't tell me that your state or region is idiot free can you ?

15) While in Texas we lived in the 'burbs of Houston. I didn't really care for it too much.

16) School was a purely social activity for me. If I could do it over I would have applied myself alot more in school( not that I am stupid ..I'm just sayin).

17) I took ROTC in high school to get out of PE.

18) When I was little if i couldn't go to sleep my mom would take me for a drive. I would then be out like a light in no time.

19) To this day I still get extremely tired while driving.

20) To get to sleep these days I have to have some kind of background noise.I used to use music,now I just use a fan.

21) Even though I was raised in the South I have no accent to speak of.

22) #21 was not really accurate, I get an accent when I am really drunk, really tired or if I have just finished speaking to my family(yes, they all have the Southern accent).

23) I can, however,turn on the accent if and when it suits me.

24) Yes ,I have used it to get dates in the past.

25) In some things I was a late bloomer,didn't know I was gay until i was 17, didn't get drunk until I was 21 and didn't have sex with a guy until I was 18.

26) I think that being a man of your word is one of the best traits to have.

27) I try to live my life 97.5% lie free.

28) I have been a member of all of the following religions at one time in my life:Presbyterian,Methodist,Lutheran,Episcipalean, Southern Baptist ,Charismatic and Non-Denominational.

29) I went to Bible College.

30) I have a bachelors degree in Theology.

31) At one time I wanted to be the pastor of my own church.

32) I now have no time for organized religion and their hate mongering ways.

33) I had to come out to my family twice ,pre and post Bible college

34) Right after graduation I went to party with my 'mo friends.

35) During my heyday it was not unusual to find me in one of Huntsville's two gay bars Wednesday – Sunday night.

36) I was part of the gay semi-elite in Huntsville for a time.

37) I don't miss it (much)

38) We rarely ever go out anymore.

39) I have had 2 long term relationships in my life one lasted 7 years and this one is going on 6 🙂

40) I am a firm believer in monogamy.

41) I am a big time romantic.

42) I tend to be an optimist most of the time.

43) I have a great love for animals (dogs mostly) .

44) I am also fascinated with marine life.

45) Dolphins and sea horses are my 2 favorites.

46) Hopefully, I will never live far from the ocean again.

47) I am still very good friends with my x of 7 years we speak at least twice a month.

48) We make much better friends than we did partners.

49) I am 100% certain that I will be with my current partner 'til we die.

50) I hope he feels the same way about me 🙂

51) Yes, it is a great feeling.

52) Due to a couple of bad throat infections when I was younger I have a very unique voice.

53) Some even say muppet-like.

54) I still have my tonsils and my appendix.

55) I rarely get sick.

56) Up until April 25,2005 I had not had a broken bone.

57) On April 25,2005 I fell at work and shattered my right knee cap into 4 pieces.

58) The impact of the fall also ripped through muscles and tendons in my upper and lower leg.

59) Both the surgeon and the physical therapists say I did a great job of making up for never breaking a bone in 39 years.

60) They thought it likely that I might have to walk with a cane,luckily, they were wrong.

61) I was in a full leg brace for 6 months out of the first year that I lived here on Maui.

62) Due to the surgery and the brace I developed blood clots and could have died. I was in ICU for 4 days.

63) Like a good 'mo I have done some community theater.

64) 8 of us thespians lived in the same house for a Summer.

65) We all swore we would be in each others lives forever.

66) As of 2005 it has been at least 5 years since I heard from any of them.

67) I am not bitter , life takes us all in different directions.

68) I would love to get back into theater but my current job allows no time for crazy rehearsal schedules and shows.

69) I have had a reading done by a friend of mine .

70) Alot of what he saw was very accurate about me .

71) He said I have 3 guardian spirits around me at all times.

72) I have some curiosity about these experiences.

73) I have also had my palm read.

74) I believe strongly in past lives , but can't explain why .

75) I also believe that souls who have been around each other in past lives migrate to each other ( Hence the " I feel like I've known you forever" phenomenon).

76) Despite the fact I believe these things I am not a flake 🙂

77)  I am a pack rat.

78) I am a collector.

79) I collect watches,pens and coffee mugs.

80) I am the king of overstatement, if i've said this once i've said it 20 million times.

81) 100 is harder than I thought.

82) I used to be an extreme extrovert.

83) I tend to be getting more introverted the older I get.

84) I still try to be fairly spontaneous.

85) I am not too fond of heights.

86) Flying doesn't bother me though.

87) I am obsessed with all things British.

88) My heritage is Irish/Welsh.

89) I get extremely anxious in large crowds.

90) I used to love AOL chat rooms.

91) I actually reconnected with my biological father through AOL for a short time.

92) My biological father is gay.

93) I am almost done with my 100 things.

94) Fall is my favorite time of the year.

95) I love the holidays, and since being an adult have never had a fake tree at Christmas.

96) I have driven cross-country once , from Bama to California.

97) I think everyone should do it at least once.

98) Seeing the Grand Canyon or the Ocean make me realize how small we Humans are in the scheme of things.

99)  I want to go to Europe and Greece.

100) I will be going to Disney World in June of this year !

Now you know most likely alot more than you ever needed to about me , hope it wasn't too boring 🙂

OK I am moving my blog to this site, for no real reason other than the fact that I like the templates better, and I am a computer moron who cant really do a whole lot with these here new fangled machines. 😉 Anyway I have an old site over at blogger which is Feel free to stop by over there and check out my archives, that is until I can figure out how to move them here. Anyway that is all I really have to say at this piont , I will figure it all out . In the meantime …..enjoy

Well I learned a lesson today. I will not ever again try to change my template from the options offered here at blogger. I found a really cool one at they even had directions and all, however,I almost succeded in destroying this whole blog. Not that I couldn’t have restarted it but boy what a pain.

Anyone willing to help me out and walk me through it ?? Maybe I will try it again in a week or so . But , in honor of almost wiping out Life with Lola I did figure out how to add links !!!!!! Check out some of these cool guys that I have been reading for a while. A couple of them actually gave me the bug to start this site . And the creator of Life as Brutus’ Dad was my first commenter!
So enjoy some of the ones I linked to but don’t forget about me. I will be waiting for your return 🙂

Tinkerbell goes to the lawyer

P, on occasion, will wear sparkles, or body glitter on his face. I have no problem , it makes him feel pretty and he is secure enough in himself that he can carry it off fairly well. He wears it for special occasions, when we go out for cocktails with friends etc. I , however, do not wear them. Ever. Nor do I think they look good on me , like I said, on P they look cute. I have no problem with them, except, on 2 occasions, they have never been an issue.

Occasion #1 2-3 Years ago in Portland,Or

In Portland ,Or. every spring there is a gathering. It is a very special gathering only because of the fact that most of the lesbians in the Pacific Northwest attend it. They also are allowed to bring their mo friends if they choose to do so . I forget the actual name of the event but it is when all the lesbian softball teams come together for a tournament. It usually takes place on a long weekend ( I think Memorial Day Weekend ) So alot of the players bring all their friends and camp out in the park where the softball field is.

P’s sister is a lesbian and has attended these events for a while and P has gone with her. Along with the festivities there is a lot of drinking and general tomfoolery ensues between games ,during games, whenever. The year after P and I met the time for the annual tourny came around. I had to work so I was unable to attend but that did not stop P , and I had no problem with him going.

The morning of the event he asked if he could borrow my new cargo shorts ( what are boyfriends for if not just to expand your own wardobe?) I said yes and headed out to work . P headed out at the same time with his new container of “sparkles “in his (my) pocket. Long story short ( too late I know ) During all the shenanagins of the day and after quite a few cocktails/ jello shots for P he realized that the lid had come off his sparkle container, in the pocket of my new shorts. This proved to be no problem for him , he just would reach into the pocket and throw his magic fairy dust on whomever he saw fit( remember many cocktails/jello shots were consumed) .He came home before me and passed out, never telling me about the sparkle dilema.

The next day we were invited to a bbq so I had to run to the store fairly early to get a head start. Without thinking I grabbed my cargo shorts off the floor, threw my wallet in the cargo pocket and headed out . I got to the store and picked out the items needed without a care in the world. That is until I got to the register pulled my wallet out of my pocket, and promptly smothered myself and the cashier with fairy dust . I had sparkles in my wallet for about as long as that wallet lasted . I had a very hard time going back to that store again .

Occasion #2 Earlier today

Today I had a meeting with my lawyer ( long story, I might go into it in another post). After shaving to get ready I see that there is already a hand towel on the counter for me to wash off the foam. I rinse off my face and reach for the towel eyes closed. I wiped my face, opened my eyes and gasped in horror. Yup you guessed it, P had used that handtowel to clean up (another) spill of sparkles. My cheeks and chin were smothered in sparkles. I looked like a club kid gone wrong , way wrong. I called P to relate this story to him and he about went into an asthma attack he was laughing so hard. I can SOOO feel the love . Needless to say I got rid of every single sparkle, it took me about 15 minutes but when I arrived at the lawyers office I was sparkle free. However, my face is still raw from all the scrubbing that ensued . Do you have any idea how hard it is to get those things off ?

There and back again

Just this past holiday season I had an epiphany ( of sorts ) about home and its meaning in the real world. You see, I have not been home , or at least to where my family lives in over 4 years. No we did not have a great falling out or bad parting , circumstances have just been such that I have not been able to go. That is a price you pay when you end up over 3000 miles from where your family is . But I digress. Back to the epiphany . It was after P and I had picked out our tree at Home Depot . P was taking the tree back to our house and I was off to buy more decorations , when suddenly this overwelming feeling of meloncholy seeped over me ( perhaps it was the sappy christmas music , or buying a tree in 80 degree weather , who knows) but I NEEDED to talk to my mom.

I called her and we talked about a million things then I just started balling like a school girl . I whined for awhile about how much I missed Alabama ( I know, what was I thinking) and how I wished I could be with them, the conversation ended with a promise to call on christmas day and I hung up. My thoughts were border line obsessive about going home , I wanted , no needed to go home . These were my thoughts up until the time I pulled into my driveway . There I saw P standing on the lawn , throwing Lola’s frisbee for her . At the sound of my car Lola stopped chasing the frisbee and ran toward my car, P smiled and waved and that was when the epiphany happened . I didn’t need to go anywhere I was already Home.

So I get to stalwart cousin’s house and there are three bedraggled folk waiting for me with great patience, the three that I picked up were T1 plus the young boy , T2 had gotten a ride to the house from the tow truck , but I am getting way ahead of myself . On the way home I had to stop at a store and it was while waiting for the guest that went shopping the story began to unfold .

While driving home it had begun to pour , and of course the car did not stall until after the windows of heaven had opened upon us . T1 was somehow ( not really sure about the politcs of the decision ) volunteered to try and get help , it is here that the party splits. T2 stay with the car since it is still kind of in the road and T1 sets out in hopes of finding a pay phone to call us . Not long after the split T1 was picked up by two rastafarians who were ” higher than kites ” who agree to take the team to pay phone. While T1 was getting a ride T2 finds that the car can run but only in spats , so they try to find a safer place to go, of course T1 knows nothing about this development . T1 finally gets to a pay phone that the Rastis are ” sure will work just fine ” and of course it didn’t . However , the gods of Maui were smiling on T1, for across from the payphone was the office of the only winery on Maui and the office lights were still on . So T1 goes to inquire about a phone to call a tow truck , in the meantime T2 had found a safe place off the road ( and a few miles from where they stopped ) to wait for help to come .

Some time passes and T1 is safely ensconced in the office of the winery with the owner and one of his ranch hands drinking shots of whiskey , after having called for a tow truck . While waiting for the tow truck T1 decides that it would be best if they went back for T2 and wait together. But alas T2 is not where they are supposed to be , and T1 in the winery owners car begin the hunt for the missing car and the rest of their group. In the mean time T2 is still waiting patiently (having great confidence in T1 )for sight of a tow truck. Finally , in the distance , they see the tow truck coming and get out of the car to flag it down. However after the tow truck pulls over T2 had a hard time convincing the driver they were in fact who he was looking for ( not the right location, not the right name given the little things) and so the tow truck leaves in search of what he felt was the driver who called for help. T1 was still looking for the car at this point and are driving aimlessly back and forth along the highway searching . Not long before they were going to give up and try a different tack( God only knows what that would have been ) they also see the tow truck guy and flag him down. Now mr tow truck driver being a smart man finally puts two and two together after T1 tells the story of not knowing where their broken down friends could have gone . He told them to follow him that he knew exactly where they were.

And so the two teams were finally brought back together . The car was towed to our house, and after a $200 fee began to work again the next day as if nothing had ever happened. Luckily all were returned home safely with everyone a little worse for the wear . We did, however, have loads of fun retelling this story to all that would listen . Keep in mind folks that this was 2 days after the wedding . We affectionately call this period our horrormoon , with good reason as you can see.

Ok so here it is ..the post you’ve been waiting for ( or not ) . Since there are 5 people who are integral to this post I am going to break them into two teams Team 1 is the team that leaves the car in search of help, in the pouring down rain no less. Team 2 ,therefore, will be the team that stays with the car. T1 is made up of two of P’s very good friends from Portland, Oregon(so they didn’t much mind the rain) . T2 is P’s sister, her girlfriend and her girlfriends son . As I have previously stated we were all coming back from a gorgeous day of sightseeing on the road to Hana. At the end of the day some of us wanted to get home and others wanted to stay on for awhile, so we all split up and did our own thing.

P and I arrive home after getting soaked ourselves by riding in the back of P’s cousins truck for the ride home. P had just finished in the shower and I was going next when we recieved a phone call on his cell. I wasn’t worried at the time I had a warm shower to get on with , that is until P started to freak out “Oh my God you are f-ing kidding me” he fairly shouted. I knew at that time that something was amiss. He then came into the bathroom and informed me that his car was broken down in the middle of the road about an hour from where we were . Now ,the reason we took his car instead of mine was that my car had started having brake problems the day before , serious brake problems at that , there was no way I was going to be able to go and pick up the friends and get back home safely. Getting up the mountain would have been no problem , it would have been the trip down that was the worry.So once again we called upon the stalwart cousin whom we love ( who had just driven us virtually all the way around the island) to see if she could lend a hand. Of course she was a bit peeved, as anyone would be after the long day we had , but as she simply stated “well we can’t just leave them where they are can we “. The answer ,of course, was no . She did ask if there was a way that I could meet her half way( half way being her house ) and throwing caution to the wind I agreed , it was the least I could do . It wasn’t until I picked up T1 at the cousins house that I heard the whole story and boy is it a doozy ……..Stay tuned

On the Road to Hana

I decided do a little back ground story on Hana before I actually tell you about our friends great adventure. The road to Hana is actually one of the better trips to do if you ever come to Maui. It is an extremely curvy road that does go to Hana but on the way takes you into the heart of Maui’s rain forest. The road itself is so narrow in spots that you have to stop and let the folks coming at you go first across narrow bridges with cliffs and valleys on one side and a panoramic view of the ocean on the other. The road is so bad in spots that all the rental car companies on the island tell you that you can not make it all the way around the tip, but you can . It is just kinda scary and a little dangerous. During rainy season the waterfalls are full to capacity and make for some awesome stops along the way.

The whole trip takes a whole day to complete and is much better if you stay at the state park or rent a cabin in Hana itself and then continue the next day. With sites such as the Blue Pool (a huge waterfall and lagoon facing the ocean.) , Black and Red Sand Beaches (Red sand beach is THE most gorgeous beach I have ever seen ) and the Seven Sacred Pools it is the consumate tourists spot to see here. We go every time someone visits and despite the driving ( usually done by P) it is a very enjoyable if exhausting day trip. To make sure you are not caught on the back side ( which is slightly more treacherous)we usually start the trip by around 7 or 8 in the morning and are back at the house by 5 or 6 that night. Keep all this in mind for my next post which is the unfortunate adventure of 5 of our guests getting stranded on the back side after a full day of touring and site seeing, and of course it involves a whole lot of rain, a missing car and a lost tow truck ….tune in later 🙂