I decided do a little back ground story on Hana before I actually tell you about our friends great adventure. The road to Hana is actually one of the better trips to do if you ever come to Maui. It is an extremely curvy road that does go to Hana but on the way takes you into the heart of Maui’s rain forest. The road itself is so narrow in spots that you have to stop and let the folks coming at you go first across narrow bridges with cliffs and valleys on one side and a panoramic view of the ocean on the other. The road is so bad in spots that all the rental car companies on the island tell you that you can not make it all the way around the tip, but you can . It is just kinda scary and a little dangerous. During rainy season the waterfalls are full to capacity and make for some awesome stops along the way.

The whole trip takes a whole day to complete and is much better if you stay at the state park or rent a cabin in Hana itself and then continue the next day. With sites such as the Blue Pool (a huge waterfall and lagoon facing the ocean.) , Black and Red Sand Beaches (Red sand beach is THE most gorgeous beach I have ever seen ) and the Seven Sacred Pools it is the consumate tourists spot to see here. We go every time someone visits and despite the driving ( usually done by P) it is a very enjoyable if exhausting day trip. To make sure you are not caught on the back side ( which is slightly more treacherous)we usually start the trip by around 7 or 8 in the morning and are back at the house by 5 or 6 that night. Keep all this in mind for my next post which is the unfortunate adventure of 5 of our guests getting stranded on the back side after a full day of touring and site seeing, and of course it involves a whole lot of rain, a missing car and a lost tow truck ….tune in later 🙂