So I get to stalwart cousin’s house and there are three bedraggled folk waiting for me with great patience, the three that I picked up were T1 plus the young boy , T2 had gotten a ride to the house from the tow truck , but I am getting way ahead of myself . On the way home I had to stop at a store and it was while waiting for the guest that went shopping the story began to unfold .

While driving home it had begun to pour , and of course the car did not stall until after the windows of heaven had opened upon us . T1 was somehow ( not really sure about the politcs of the decision ) volunteered to try and get help , it is here that the party splits. T2 stay with the car since it is still kind of in the road and T1 sets out in hopes of finding a pay phone to call us . Not long after the split T1 was picked up by two rastafarians who were ” higher than kites ” who agree to take the team to pay phone. While T1 was getting a ride T2 finds that the car can run but only in spats , so they try to find a safer place to go, of course T1 knows nothing about this development . T1 finally gets to a pay phone that the Rastis are ” sure will work just fine ” and of course it didn’t . However , the gods of Maui were smiling on T1, for across from the payphone was the office of the only winery on Maui and the office lights were still on . So T1 goes to inquire about a phone to call a tow truck , in the meantime T2 had found a safe place off the road ( and a few miles from where they stopped ) to wait for help to come .

Some time passes and T1 is safely ensconced in the office of the winery with the owner and one of his ranch hands drinking shots of whiskey , after having called for a tow truck . While waiting for the tow truck T1 decides that it would be best if they went back for T2 and wait together. But alas T2 is not where they are supposed to be , and T1 in the winery owners car begin the hunt for the missing car and the rest of their group. In the mean time T2 is still waiting patiently (having great confidence in T1 )for sight of a tow truck. Finally , in the distance , they see the tow truck coming and get out of the car to flag it down. However after the tow truck pulls over T2 had a hard time convincing the driver they were in fact who he was looking for ( not the right location, not the right name given the little things) and so the tow truck leaves in search of what he felt was the driver who called for help. T1 was still looking for the car at this point and are driving aimlessly back and forth along the highway searching . Not long before they were going to give up and try a different tack( God only knows what that would have been ) they also see the tow truck guy and flag him down. Now mr tow truck driver being a smart man finally puts two and two together after T1 tells the story of not knowing where their broken down friends could have gone . He told them to follow him that he knew exactly where they were.

And so the two teams were finally brought back together . The car was towed to our house, and after a $200 fee began to work again the next day as if nothing had ever happened. Luckily all were returned home safely with everyone a little worse for the wear . We did, however, have loads of fun retelling this story to all that would listen . Keep in mind folks that this was 2 days after the wedding . We affectionately call this period our horrormoon , with good reason as you can see.