Ok so here it is ..the post you’ve been waiting for ( or not ) . Since there are 5 people who are integral to this post I am going to break them into two teams Team 1 is the team that leaves the car in search of help, in the pouring down rain no less. Team 2 ,therefore, will be the team that stays with the car. T1 is made up of two of P’s very good friends from Portland, Oregon(so they didn’t much mind the rain) . T2 is P’s sister, her girlfriend and her girlfriends son . As I have previously stated we were all coming back from a gorgeous day of sightseeing on the road to Hana. At the end of the day some of us wanted to get home and others wanted to stay on for awhile, so we all split up and did our own thing.

P and I arrive home after getting soaked ourselves by riding in the back of P’s cousins truck for the ride home. P had just finished in the shower and I was going next when we recieved a phone call on his cell. I wasn’t worried at the time I had a warm shower to get on with , that is until P started to freak out “Oh my God you are f-ing kidding me” he fairly shouted. I knew at that time that something was amiss. He then came into the bathroom and informed me that his car was broken down in the middle of the road about an hour from where we were . Now ,the reason we took his car instead of mine was that my car had started having brake problems the day before , serious brake problems at that , there was no way I was going to be able to go and pick up the friends and get back home safely. Getting up the mountain would have been no problem , it would have been the trip down that was the worry.So once again we called upon the stalwart cousin whom we love ( who had just driven us virtually all the way around the island) to see if she could lend a hand. Of course she was a bit peeved, as anyone would be after the long day we had , but as she simply stated “well we can’t just leave them where they are can we “. The answer ,of course, was no . She did ask if there was a way that I could meet her half way( half way being her house ) and throwing caution to the wind I agreed , it was the least I could do . It wasn’t until I picked up T1 at the cousins house that I heard the whole story and boy is it a doozy ……..Stay tuned