Just this past holiday season I had an epiphany ( of sorts ) about home and its meaning in the real world. You see, I have not been home , or at least to where my family lives in over 4 years. No we did not have a great falling out or bad parting , circumstances have just been such that I have not been able to go. That is a price you pay when you end up over 3000 miles from where your family is . But I digress. Back to the epiphany . It was after P and I had picked out our tree at Home Depot . P was taking the tree back to our house and I was off to buy more decorations , when suddenly this overwelming feeling of meloncholy seeped over me ( perhaps it was the sappy christmas music , or buying a tree in 80 degree weather , who knows) but I NEEDED to talk to my mom.

I called her and we talked about a million things then I just started balling like a school girl . I whined for awhile about how much I missed Alabama ( I know, what was I thinking) and how I wished I could be with them, the conversation ended with a promise to call on christmas day and I hung up. My thoughts were border line obsessive about going home , I wanted , no needed to go home . These were my thoughts up until the time I pulled into my driveway . There I saw P standing on the lawn , throwing Lola’s frisbee for her . At the sound of my car Lola stopped chasing the frisbee and ran toward my car, P smiled and waved and that was when the epiphany happened . I didn’t need to go anywhere I was already Home.