P, on occasion, will wear sparkles, or body glitter on his face. I have no problem , it makes him feel pretty and he is secure enough in himself that he can carry it off fairly well. He wears it for special occasions, when we go out for cocktails with friends etc. I , however, do not wear them. Ever. Nor do I think they look good on me , like I said, on P they look cute. I have no problem with them, except, on 2 occasions, they have never been an issue.

Occasion #1 2-3 Years ago in Portland,Or

In Portland ,Or. every spring there is a gathering. It is a very special gathering only because of the fact that most of the lesbians in the Pacific Northwest attend it. They also are allowed to bring their mo friends if they choose to do so . I forget the actual name of the event but it is when all the lesbian softball teams come together for a tournament. It usually takes place on a long weekend ( I think Memorial Day Weekend ) So alot of the players bring all their friends and camp out in the park where the softball field is.

P’s sister is a lesbian and has attended these events for a while and P has gone with her. Along with the festivities there is a lot of drinking and general tomfoolery ensues between games ,during games, whenever. The year after P and I met the time for the annual tourny came around. I had to work so I was unable to attend but that did not stop P , and I had no problem with him going.

The morning of the event he asked if he could borrow my new cargo shorts ( what are boyfriends for if not just to expand your own wardobe?) I said yes and headed out to work . P headed out at the same time with his new container of “sparkles “in his (my) pocket. Long story short ( too late I know ) During all the shenanagins of the day and after quite a few cocktails/ jello shots for P he realized that the lid had come off his sparkle container, in the pocket of my new shorts. This proved to be no problem for him , he just would reach into the pocket and throw his magic fairy dust on whomever he saw fit( remember many cocktails/jello shots were consumed) .He came home before me and passed out, never telling me about the sparkle dilema.

The next day we were invited to a bbq so I had to run to the store fairly early to get a head start. Without thinking I grabbed my cargo shorts off the floor, threw my wallet in the cargo pocket and headed out . I got to the store and picked out the items needed without a care in the world. That is until I got to the register pulled my wallet out of my pocket, and promptly smothered myself and the cashier with fairy dust . I had sparkles in my wallet for about as long as that wallet lasted . I had a very hard time going back to that store again .

Occasion #2 Earlier today

Today I had a meeting with my lawyer ( long story, I might go into it in another post). After shaving to get ready I see that there is already a hand towel on the counter for me to wash off the foam. I rinse off my face and reach for the towel eyes closed. I wiped my face, opened my eyes and gasped in horror. Yup you guessed it, P had used that handtowel to clean up (another) spill of sparkles. My cheeks and chin were smothered in sparkles. I looked like a club kid gone wrong , way wrong. I called P to relate this story to him and he about went into an asthma attack he was laughing so hard. I can SOOO feel the love . Needless to say I got rid of every single sparkle, it took me about 15 minutes but when I arrived at the lawyers office I was sparkle free. However, my face is still raw from all the scrubbing that ensued . Do you have any idea how hard it is to get those things off ?