I work in the hospitality/resort field. That being said I really do love it . I have only one problem with it and that is the fact that I always have weird days off. Rarely, if ever, do I get a Saturday/Sunday hiatus from work . Which in a way kinda bugs me because most of you bloggers that I read do have Sat/Sun off and don't post over the weekend (yes I do sometimes read blogs at work*gasp*) .

Now that I have that off my chest I will tell you what I did on my days off ( I actually got 3 days off this week). And did nothing . Nada  well some laundry , and thought about mowing the grass but its been rainy here the past week and mowing would really be messy . Oh, we also had a small dinner for a friend of P's that is moving off island . He is going to spend some time with his parents in Connecticut and then moving to New Zealand ( nice for him huh ?) The dinner was nice low key and a good time was had by all . But that really is all I've done. I actually have one more day off but P is working so I doubt anything exciting will happen . Sorry about the boring post but hopefully I will have something exciting to post about soon.