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The Caverns of my mind

It's amazing to me ,how, when you have a little down time your mind can often wander to places that you almost have forgotten about. People,places and events come back to you as clearly as if they were friends you had just talked to yesterday or a place you went last week, when in reality it was eons ago. It brings with it a certain melancholy.

I was thinking tonight about my cross country trip and my friend Steve who accompanied me.That trip was and is one of my fondest memories. I was leaving Alabama and all that I knew to follow a man that I thought I would be with forever. M had left Alabama 2 months before me to get started in his newly acquired job, and to find a place to live , etc. I was left with the enormous task of packing up both of our lives and transporting them to our new life together. It was a very daunting task. M who was and still is a very considerate guy did not want me to make the trip alone, so in payment for Steve helping us, M bought him a plane ticket home, for after the journey was complete.

Steve was very excited about,not only the chance to see California,but also to see me off into the life I was about to begin. I am not saying that the trip was all warm and fuzzy with Barney music playing in the background. In fact, there were a few times that we really wanted to kill each other. But Steve was that kind of friend. The kind that you can scream at for an hour then later that night go party with. In my zeal to get to Cali we left Huntsville,Al. Made a brief stop in Memphis to see the home of "The King" (Graceland) and then did not stop again until Albuquerque, New Mexico. The gods were smiling on us that night .We made it to a hotel just in time to watch Barbara Streisand's farewell concert on HBO, and order some take out pizza.

I will never forget after reaching Gilroy, CA. There was an overwhelming smell of garlic in the air.Steve, who was driving at the time turned to me and said "Damn we must be driving through the garlic capital of the world or something." And not even 5 minutes later we passed a big bill board that read : You are now leaving Gilroy, Garlic capital of the world. We laughed so hard we had to pull over. Steve stayed with us for a week in San Jose doing tourist things and just hanging out with M and myself. I can't ever forget the feeling of cutting the last thread that connected me to my home of 20 years when I left him at the airport.Of course , we promised to call,write,email and visit, Steve even threatened that he would come and live with us for awhile.But I am sure you can tell that didn't happen. The calls became less and less frequent. The emails stopped altogether. Steve moved away from Alabama and I lost him. I tried to reconnect and we did for awhile,after M and I had broken up.But that has been a little over 5 years now and I have no idea where he is now. I don't really have a friend like Steve at this time, granted I have some great friends,they are just not Steve. So where ever you are Steve L of Mississippi. Just know that I thought of you today, and our "Grand Adventure". Know that  you still have the ability to make my heart smile., and I miss you deeply. I hope that all goes well in your life and that you receive every happiness life can afford you, you deserve it  πŸ˜‰



Ramblings and ventings

Work has been completely crazy this past week. One group of 1400 people came and after they left a group of 800 followed at their heels.

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of me falling at work and shattering my kneecap, luckily I have today off.

And speaking of work perhaps this is just in the hospitality field ( but I doubt it ). I am wondering why it is that full grown adults,for the most part,act like freaking children when it comes to work relations with their boss. I manage about 60 people ranging from 29 years of age all the way to roughly 58 years of age. Now to me even the 29 year old should be able to act accordingly while at work and be professional.I don't think that is asking too much. However,there are days when I feel I am running a daycare center. This guy doesn't like to work with that guy so they both just disappear and none of the work gets done,then they just lie to cover their asses, gets old fairly quick.

And on to lying, why do people think it's acceptable to lie? I hate when people lie to me. I feel like it is an insult to my intelligence, and I really hate it when people lie about me to my boss, let me explain . One guy at work is having problems on the homefront,which I guess is a major part of all of this. He pulled me to the side the other night and said "Hey I need you to talk to E (my boss) for me ." I asked him what is was about and that when he told me that he needed a few days off to "take care of some things". I told him that as busy as we are he most likely would not get the time off, but that I would leave an email for E to contact him . He then said "well if I don't get the time to deal with this stuff I may have to quit".

Long story short (too late I know) ends up that after E talked to the Liar he had completely changed his whole story. Said he never asked for time off , that he just wanted to work in areas that he could be by himself. WTF, Oh And he also said that he never threatened to quit (???) Now I don't know about you but don't you think He would have figured that E and I would compare notes on what was going on ? So on the up side I now know that I have a freaking bold faced lair among my staff, which is kinda good to know ( keep your friends close but your enemies closer type of thing ). Of course when E and I together confronted him he came clean and told E that I was right about what he had said.But I am sure that E had to question what the hell I was talking about . In short Liarboy made me look like a crazy idiot in front of my boss. Something I don't take to kindly to. Liarboy will be "transferring" to another department in a week, lets hope he can act like the adult that he supposedly is , at least for another 7 days. 

OK, so, since having last visited here I had the chance to finish 2 great books from 2 great authors This one is the second in the series about Nic Costa Roman Police Officer. It is a really great book and the end caught me totally by surprise. Lets see if any of you can figure it out. It does, however take awhile to get into but by the third chapter you are immersed once again into the world of Nic Costa.

 The second bookI was able to finish is by author Greg Iles I have read several of his novels and all are fairly suspenseful and quick to catch you up into the action.So please don't think that I am slacking off when I don't post here, I am doing research for those of you who enjoy the action/suspense genre and hopefully I will turn someone on to a new author. Or at the very least re-acquaint you to one you may have forgotten. And perhaps you can let me know of a great read that you have found.( No Sterling I haven't checked him out yet but I did go to his website) So thank you for dropping by to catch a glimpse into my library, Happy reading. πŸ™‚

Hi! I am back,just coming out of a chocolate induced coma, I am fine thank you for asking. Although I have been having extreme lower back pain lately 😦 . And I called my mom the first thing she said was loose some weight !! Now I understand that I could stand to loose a few pounds(15-20 at the most), but when you call your mom that's not what she is supposed to say,her job is to be sympathetic and extremely nice. Especially when she hasn't seen me in over three years. Anyway I went to the Dr. and he gave me Cortisone shots to relieve the pain for now and may need to take X-rays in a couple of weeks to see if anything else is really going on in there. He said that my back muscles were spasming pretty bad so it's just a muscle thing  (hopefully) But enough about me . I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend , and I saw a few things this weekend I will be posting about later. And boy I just realized how your readership drops when you don't post . My stats thing here on wordpress counted 24 hits on Thursday of last week and like 1 a day since then ..I guess I will be posting more often. Anyway hope to hear from some of you soon. πŸ™‚

Many many moons ago (maybe not that many but in the late 70's) there was a series of books who's main character was a boy named Danny Dunn. Danny's grandfather, with whom Danny lived ,was an inventor. In each book Danny and his group of friends would find grandpa's invention,totally by accident of course.

I only remember 3 of the plots ; in one Danny became invisible. In another Danny and his friends are all shrunk and they have adventures with bugs and eating water(yeah eating it) and the third is the one I remembered today while listening to a Navy commercial on the radio while driving to work.

Danny's grandfather invents a remote control bug of some sort (I think it was a wasp). The cool thing is that in the bug's eyes were cameras. The controller of the wasp would wear a helmet with a visor and fly the wasp around.The images the wasp saw were then projected onto the inside of the visor. Allowing the controller to see what the wasp saw. In this particular book the conflict was Danny flew the wasp to school and spied on the class bully who he caught stealing the answers to a test from the teachers desk. The dilema of course was who he should tell and who would believe him.

Who woulda thought back then that the Navy has this technology now. The commercial was talking about flying remote control stealth planes over enemy territory and collecting information virtually undetected. Of course, the Navy won"t have the dilema of trying to figure out how to tell on the class bully. But wouldn't it be nice if that was their biggest worry. πŸ™‚ 

My First 100 Hits !

Wooohooo!!!!!!!! My lil blog stats thingy at the bottom right has informed me that I have made it past 100 hits to my page. Now I am not sure if they are staying once they get here or going like "oops wrong page" (or god how boring can one guy be )But at least I am getting some exposure , and how can that be a  bad thing . It's not like I am exposing myself ,or actually I am kinda, in it's truest sense.

Anyway I just wish that if people are actually enjoying their stay here at LWL that they would feel a little more comfy and start to leave comments (OK so I am a comment whore , leave me be ) Even if it's just like "Hi, read your blog your an idiot " kinda thing. I can take criticism (as long as it is stated politely and in comment form on my blog) πŸ™‚ Thanks to all who have stopped by so far and may you continue to do so long into the future of this here site, tell a friend,cajole a neighbor bribe a congressman. I don't care how you get here just get here (and comment) if you can .

Of ethnic/racial profiling(or something like that anyway). Last night on the way home from work I stopped at Safeway to pick up something for dinner, since I knew P would be home shortly after me. I picked up my Stouffer's Skillets, Teriyaki Chicken (not actually gourmet but is was late,I was hungry and they are easy to prepare). I digress I know, but deal with it . Anyway I go to the register and notice that I had forgotten my Safeway card ( a card that gives discounts on some items. Just in case you all don't have Safeway in your area). No big deal you can give the cashier your phone number and it comes up in the computer. So I give her my number but I must have been off a digit because when the name popped up it was Yamamoto. Now,I am a white boy,actually kinda a beige guy but you know what I mean. The cashier looks at me with a skeptic look on her face and says " You don't look like a Yamamoto to me " I just kinda stared at her for a moment,not realizing what she was talking about.Then it hit me,and not wanting to go into detail, I just smiled at her and said I was adopted. She smirked at me, gave me my discount, I gave her money and I left.

The question I have is how in the hell does she know I am not a Yamamoto ? Huh, I could be, my mom might have married a guy with that last name. Or I may really have been adopted . Kinda ticked me off a bit, but again I was hungry and tired so maybe I was just being overly sensitive.What are your thoughts?

A peek into my Library

As I mention in my A little bit about me  page I am an avid reader . So,I thought to myself , why not give my (three) readers a look into just what I like to read . If it goes over well ,and I don't lose the ability to read ,this will be a repeating segment here on LWL (I hope) .

One of the last books I read was "A Season for the Dead " by David Hewson. This book is a very good read . And I caught it just in time it is the first in the series of books featuring Roman police officer Nic Costa and it got me hooked , I am already reading #2 . I learned from David Hewson's website that he has actually written 4 but only three are available in the U.S. so far. If mystery,suspense and intrigue are what you like in a book I really do suggest this as a "must read"

 I will give you other chances to peak into my library as I continue to read πŸ˜‰

OK so I got tagged by Ron to list 6 weird things about me. Kinda hard cuz I am so normal (not) So here they areΒ :

1) When I read a book and that book has a character with a certain accent (British, Southern, whatever ) The voice in my head reads that character’s lines in that accent.

2) I am extremely uncomfortable (to the point of a panic attack) around loud noises like fire alarms and ambulances.

3) I can usually feel within a 10 -20 second window when my partner P is about to call me .

4) I lived in Alabama for 21 years and never attained a southern accent.

5) I usually can’t remember my dreams , and yet I still remember 2 dreams in vivid detail that I had when I was 10 or so years old.

6) When I was little and my sisters wanted to play house or make believe I always volunteered to be the pet (usually a dog)

I don’t know 6 of you well enough to tagΒ you yet so I will keep this on the back burner until I do . Anyway I hope these are weird enough for you .

The title above is a beautiful Hawaiian saying the meaning of which is as follows;"In love tightly bound you and I share equal rights" I found this quote while I was doing some research on just what we needed, paperwork wise, to get married on Maui. I had remembered that it was legal here but wasn't sure about documentation.

Anyway it seems that same sex couples have always been a part of the Hawaiian culture.They even had special couples that were in some of the King's households.In fact at times children were raised specifically to enter the royal house hold and become the mate of the chief. They had a word for it in their native language which is Aikane, which was the traditional Hawaiian same sex couple. Just thought I'd share that with all of you my (3) readers.

Oh by the way I found out that the Govt. does have certificates for our wedding it is called a Reciprical Beneficiary Relationship, pretty cool piece of info for you , it is basically the same thing that Vermont has now but we had it first. πŸ™‚ Anyway just thought I would post something since it's been a while. Hope you found my trivia a bit enlightening!