The title above is a beautiful Hawaiian saying the meaning of which is as follows;"In love tightly bound you and I share equal rights" I found this quote while I was doing some research on just what we needed, paperwork wise, to get married on Maui. I had remembered that it was legal here but wasn't sure about documentation.

Anyway it seems that same sex couples have always been a part of the Hawaiian culture.They even had special couples that were in some of the King's households.In fact at times children were raised specifically to enter the royal house hold and become the mate of the chief. They had a word for it in their native language which is Aikane, which was the traditional Hawaiian same sex couple. Just thought I'd share that with all of you my (3) readers.

Oh by the way I found out that the Govt. does have certificates for our wedding it is called a Reciprical Beneficiary Relationship, pretty cool piece of info for you , it is basically the same thing that Vermont has now but we had it first. 🙂 Anyway just thought I would post something since it's been a while. Hope you found my trivia a bit enlightening!