OK so I got tagged by Ron to list 6 weird things about me. Kinda hard cuz I am so normal (not) So here they are :

1) When I read a book and that book has a character with a certain accent (British, Southern, whatever ) The voice in my head reads that character’s lines in that accent.

2) I am extremely uncomfortable (to the point of a panic attack) around loud noises like fire alarms and ambulances.

3) I can usually feel within a 10 -20 second window when my partner P is about to call me .

4) I lived in Alabama for 21 years and never attained a southern accent.

5) I usually can’t remember my dreams , and yet I still remember 2 dreams in vivid detail that I had when I was 10 or so years old.

6) When I was little and my sisters wanted to play house or make believe I always volunteered to be the pet (usually a dog)

I don’t know 6 of you well enough to tag you yet so I will keep this on the back burner until I do . Anyway I hope these are weird enough for you .