As I mention in my A little bit about me  page I am an avid reader . So,I thought to myself , why not give my (three) readers a look into just what I like to read . If it goes over well ,and I don't lose the ability to read ,this will be a repeating segment here on LWL (I hope) .

One of the last books I read was "A Season for the Dead " by David Hewson. This book is a very good read . And I caught it just in time it is the first in the series of books featuring Roman police officer Nic Costa and it got me hooked , I am already reading #2 . I learned from David Hewson's website that he has actually written 4 but only three are available in the U.S. so far. If mystery,suspense and intrigue are what you like in a book I really do suggest this as a "must read"

 I will give you other chances to peak into my library as I continue to read šŸ˜‰