Of ethnic/racial profiling(or something like that anyway). Last night on the way home from work I stopped at Safeway to pick up something for dinner, since I knew P would be home shortly after me. I picked up my Stouffer's Skillets, Teriyaki Chicken (not actually gourmet but is was late,I was hungry and they are easy to prepare). I digress I know, but deal with it . Anyway I go to the register and notice that I had forgotten my Safeway card ( a card that gives discounts on some items. Just in case you all don't have Safeway in your area). No big deal you can give the cashier your phone number and it comes up in the computer. So I give her my number but I must have been off a digit because when the name popped up it was Yamamoto. Now,I am a white boy,actually kinda a beige guy but you know what I mean. The cashier looks at me with a skeptic look on her face and says " You don't look like a Yamamoto to me " I just kinda stared at her for a moment,not realizing what she was talking about.Then it hit me,and not wanting to go into detail, I just smiled at her and said I was adopted. She smirked at me, gave me my discount, I gave her money and I left.

The question I have is how in the hell does she know I am not a Yamamoto ? Huh, I could be, my mom might have married a guy with that last name. Or I may really have been adopted . Kinda ticked me off a bit, but again I was hungry and tired so maybe I was just being overly sensitive.What are your thoughts?