Wooohooo!!!!!!!! My lil blog stats thingy at the bottom right has informed me that I have made it past 100 hits to my page. Now I am not sure if they are staying once they get here or going like "oops wrong page" (or god how boring can one guy be )But at least I am getting some exposure , and how can that be a  bad thing . It's not like I am exposing myself ,or actually I am kinda, in it's truest sense.

Anyway I just wish that if people are actually enjoying their stay here at LWL that they would feel a little more comfy and start to leave comments (OK so I am a comment whore , leave me be ) Even if it's just like "Hi, read your blog your an idiot " kinda thing. I can take criticism (as long as it is stated politely and in comment form on my blog) 🙂 Thanks to all who have stopped by so far and may you continue to do so long into the future of this here site, tell a friend,cajole a neighbor bribe a congressman. I don't care how you get here just get here (and comment) if you can .