Many many moons ago (maybe not that many but in the late 70's) there was a series of books who's main character was a boy named Danny Dunn. Danny's grandfather, with whom Danny lived ,was an inventor. In each book Danny and his group of friends would find grandpa's invention,totally by accident of course.

I only remember 3 of the plots ; in one Danny became invisible. In another Danny and his friends are all shrunk and they have adventures with bugs and eating water(yeah eating it) and the third is the one I remembered today while listening to a Navy commercial on the radio while driving to work.

Danny's grandfather invents a remote control bug of some sort (I think it was a wasp). The cool thing is that in the bug's eyes were cameras. The controller of the wasp would wear a helmet with a visor and fly the wasp around.The images the wasp saw were then projected onto the inside of the visor. Allowing the controller to see what the wasp saw. In this particular book the conflict was Danny flew the wasp to school and spied on the class bully who he caught stealing the answers to a test from the teachers desk. The dilema of course was who he should tell and who would believe him.

Who woulda thought back then that the Navy has this technology now. The commercial was talking about flying remote control stealth planes over enemy territory and collecting information virtually undetected. Of course, the Navy won"t have the dilema of trying to figure out how to tell on the class bully. But wouldn't it be nice if that was their biggest worry. 🙂