OK, so, since having last visited here I had the chance to finish 2 great books from 2 great authors This one is the second in the series about Nic Costa Roman Police Officer. It is a really great book and the end caught me totally by surprise. Lets see if any of you can figure it out. It does, however take awhile to get into but by the third chapter you are immersed once again into the world of Nic Costa.

 The second bookI was able to finish is by author Greg Iles I have read several of his novels and all are fairly suspenseful and quick to catch you up into the action.So please don't think that I am slacking off when I don't post here, I am doing research for those of you who enjoy the action/suspense genre and hopefully I will turn someone on to a new author. Or at the very least re-acquaint you to one you may have forgotten. And perhaps you can let me know of a great read that you have found.( No Sterling I haven't checked him out yet but I did go to his website) So thank you for dropping by to catch a glimpse into my library, Happy reading. 🙂