Hi! I am back,just coming out of a chocolate induced coma, I am fine thank you for asking. Although I have been having extreme lower back pain lately 😦 . And I called my mom the first thing she said was loose some weight !! Now I understand that I could stand to loose a few pounds(15-20 at the most), but when you call your mom that's not what she is supposed to say,her job is to be sympathetic and extremely nice. Especially when she hasn't seen me in over three years. Anyway I went to the Dr. and he gave me Cortisone shots to relieve the pain for now and may need to take X-rays in a couple of weeks to see if anything else is really going on in there. He said that my back muscles were spasming pretty bad so it's just a muscle thing  (hopefully) But enough about me . I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend , and I saw a few things this weekend I will be posting about later. And boy I just realized how your readership drops when you don't post . My stats thing here on wordpress counted 24 hits on Thursday of last week and like 1 a day since then ..I guess I will be posting more often. Anyway hope to hear from some of you soon. 🙂