Work has been completely crazy this past week. One group of 1400 people came and after they left a group of 800 followed at their heels.

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of me falling at work and shattering my kneecap, luckily I have today off.

And speaking of work perhaps this is just in the hospitality field ( but I doubt it ). I am wondering why it is that full grown adults,for the most part,act like freaking children when it comes to work relations with their boss. I manage about 60 people ranging from 29 years of age all the way to roughly 58 years of age. Now to me even the 29 year old should be able to act accordingly while at work and be professional.I don't think that is asking too much. However,there are days when I feel I am running a daycare center. This guy doesn't like to work with that guy so they both just disappear and none of the work gets done,then they just lie to cover their asses, gets old fairly quick.

And on to lying, why do people think it's acceptable to lie? I hate when people lie to me. I feel like it is an insult to my intelligence, and I really hate it when people lie about me to my boss, let me explain . One guy at work is having problems on the homefront,which I guess is a major part of all of this. He pulled me to the side the other night and said "Hey I need you to talk to E (my boss) for me ." I asked him what is was about and that when he told me that he needed a few days off to "take care of some things". I told him that as busy as we are he most likely would not get the time off, but that I would leave an email for E to contact him . He then said "well if I don't get the time to deal with this stuff I may have to quit".

Long story short (too late I know) ends up that after E talked to the Liar he had completely changed his whole story. Said he never asked for time off , that he just wanted to work in areas that he could be by himself. WTF, Oh And he also said that he never threatened to quit (???) Now I don't know about you but don't you think He would have figured that E and I would compare notes on what was going on ? So on the up side I now know that I have a freaking bold faced lair among my staff, which is kinda good to know ( keep your friends close but your enemies closer type of thing ). Of course when E and I together confronted him he came clean and told E that I was right about what he had said.But I am sure that E had to question what the hell I was talking about . In short Liarboy made me look like a crazy idiot in front of my boss. Something I don't take to kindly to. Liarboy will be "transferring" to another department in a week, lets hope he can act like the adult that he supposedly is , at least for another 7 days.