It's amazing to me ,how, when you have a little down time your mind can often wander to places that you almost have forgotten about. People,places and events come back to you as clearly as if they were friends you had just talked to yesterday or a place you went last week, when in reality it was eons ago. It brings with it a certain melancholy.

I was thinking tonight about my cross country trip and my friend Steve who accompanied me.That trip was and is one of my fondest memories. I was leaving Alabama and all that I knew to follow a man that I thought I would be with forever. M had left Alabama 2 months before me to get started in his newly acquired job, and to find a place to live , etc. I was left with the enormous task of packing up both of our lives and transporting them to our new life together. It was a very daunting task. M who was and still is a very considerate guy did not want me to make the trip alone, so in payment for Steve helping us, M bought him a plane ticket home, for after the journey was complete.

Steve was very excited about,not only the chance to see California,but also to see me off into the life I was about to begin. I am not saying that the trip was all warm and fuzzy with Barney music playing in the background. In fact, there were a few times that we really wanted to kill each other. But Steve was that kind of friend. The kind that you can scream at for an hour then later that night go party with. In my zeal to get to Cali we left Huntsville,Al. Made a brief stop in Memphis to see the home of "The King" (Graceland) and then did not stop again until Albuquerque, New Mexico. The gods were smiling on us that night .We made it to a hotel just in time to watch Barbara Streisand's farewell concert on HBO, and order some take out pizza.

I will never forget after reaching Gilroy, CA. There was an overwhelming smell of garlic in the air.Steve, who was driving at the time turned to me and said "Damn we must be driving through the garlic capital of the world or something." And not even 5 minutes later we passed a big bill board that read : You are now leaving Gilroy, Garlic capital of the world. We laughed so hard we had to pull over. Steve stayed with us for a week in San Jose doing tourist things and just hanging out with M and myself. I can't ever forget the feeling of cutting the last thread that connected me to my home of 20 years when I left him at the airport.Of course , we promised to call,write,email and visit, Steve even threatened that he would come and live with us for awhile.But I am sure you can tell that didn't happen. The calls became less and less frequent. The emails stopped altogether. Steve moved away from Alabama and I lost him. I tried to reconnect and we did for awhile,after M and I had broken up.But that has been a little over 5 years now and I have no idea where he is now. I don't really have a friend like Steve at this time, granted I have some great friends,they are just not Steve. So where ever you are Steve L of Mississippi. Just know that I thought of you today, and our "Grand Adventure". Know that  you still have the ability to make my heart smile., and I miss you deeply. I hope that all goes well in your life and that you receive every happiness life can afford you, you deserve it  😉