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For all 4 of my loyal readers, I wanted to let you know that Patrick has left the job with the idiot boss and has accepted a position at a much better place !! Thanks go out to all of you that sent your good karma,wishes,prayers etc. They were really appreciated. Plus we finally heard from his workman's comp lawyer and his settlement will be here before we go on vacation.Things are lookin' up. Also, I finally uploaded the pics from our wedding if you want to see them they are here.

Again Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank you Very Much in Hawaiian) 🙂


Lola and the Concrete Cow

OK since this blog is titled Life with Lola I think It's time to tell a funny Lola story. There are many to choose from but I think this one is one of the better ones.

Back when we lived in Portland we used to take her for her day of beauty at a great little wash your own pet boutique called Beauty for the Beast. If any dog (or cat for that matter) owners who read my blog live in the Portland area go check it out. It is in the Hollywood neighborhood. You wash your dog and they supply the shampoo, tubs and dryers, plus there are great people working there. But I digress…. one bright sunny day after Lola was bathed and groomed, we decided to take her for a walk through downtown. We did not,however, realize that there was some kind of contest going on , I think between the high school Art departments. Each high school was to decorate a concrete cow and put it on display on the sidewalks of the downtown area. Then the people of Portland were to stroll through the painted cows and vote for their favorites. It was a really cool concept,the winning school getting a prize.I don't remember the prizes.

And so we set off on our trek.We walked around for awhile without running into a cow, with many people stopping to meet and pet Lola, asking what kind of dog she was etc the usual dog conversations. We then decided to get a coffee and sit out on the sidewalk and just relax. As we turned the corner to get to our coffee stop we were confronted with our first painted cow. Lola freaked out. She went from a healthy trot to a full stop in 2 seconds.Her ears perked up as she just sat there staring at the cow.Then she ever so slowly crept up to the cow. Very tentatively she started smelling the air around the cows legs.She then crouched down and started to bark loudly at the unmoving concrete cow.I think that's when her herding instincts kicked in because she kept trying to run around the cow and was nipping at its heels. Needless to say, the cow was having none of it. She just stood there motionless as concrete cows usually do.We decided, after getting Lola calmed down, to skip the coffee. After all Lola had just had a fairly bad day and she needed some down time. 🙂

I am sure you will see this type of post on blogs all across the blogosphere in the next couple of days. So I wanted to be one of the first (ummmm..ok….in the top 50) to post about it. Let me get right to the point and tell you I don't like the Catholic Church very much. I know that might bug some people but I am kinda speaking with a lil knowledge about religion. I have a degree in theology.Now I know that there are some really really devout catholics out there, and this post is not meant to offend anyone. But I really can't understand how a religion is allowed to hold the power over history that the Catholic Church holds. The numbers of people that have been kept in the dark for centuries. I will also admit that I have heard it is getting better,More people out there don't want their religion spoon fed to them anymore.They wish instead to be pointed the way and they can figure it out for themselves.

At any rate this post is about the Davinci Code not the Catholic Church. It really cracks me up that there are so many religious people up in arms about this film. We all know that tinky winky is gay and that the homosexual population is the reason for most of the worlds ills. Why can't we be allowed to escape into a FICTIONAL FILM with out having to hear why we shouldn't see it because it is from the the pit of hell.I didn't see anyone get this worked up over say……. Bewitched for example…where were the freakin zealots when that film came out ?? Anyone know? It does have a witch in it you know. And isn't it the Curch that killed possibly millions of witches ( because we all know every one of those ladies was guilty) And yet they will slander Harry Potter till they are blue in the face. Maybe they knew no one would like Bewitched enough to give that film a second thought .Now I am no conspiracy freak. I am not one to ring bells and whistles because I am paranoid. But perhaps the church doesn't want everyone to know how much of a role they have played in history, behind the scenes. Because we do know that while the DC is a fictional story alot of its premises are based in fact.Oh and lets not forget about the fact that they back to the hilt a movie that is so graphic in nature that most adults who saw it were sickened. You know that movie by Mel Gibson, I didn't see it so I can't remember it's name.

 It is getting really tired and old to me to have the whole group up in arms about something like every other day. And yet when we strive to be treated as equals or want to be heard on certain topics we are once again the crux of so many of the worlds problems our voice does not deserve to be heard. It's getting to the point that it doesn't suprise me where they will go next.

 Sorry gang this post is all over the place the point of it is that I LOVED the DC loved the book, loved the movie and I just get fed up with people telling me it isn't OK that I watched it,or read it for that matter. Both the author and the Producer of the film have said that it is a work of fiction. They are not out to uncover all of the churches deep dark secrets,perhaps they should. Maybe then we could begin to crack the real code.Why is it that they hate so much,and judge so much and yes hurt so many innocent souls.

Buh-bye Baby Buh Bye

I am very upset with AI (or America in general)this season. They began the season saying that this time they were looking for something "Fresh" and "New", someone who brought"excitement" back to the music industry.

Well they had that. In at least 3 of this seasons contestants. And where are they? Are they in the final 2? No they are not. Paris Bennett was AMAZING, not that she really needed this show to jumpstart her carrier. I am not that upset about her. Chris Daughtery was hailed by Simon as "The only contestant in any season who would not compromise his talent" He is gone. Elliott Yamin had a voice that was smooth as silk. He had his stuff down. Yeah he may have needed some help in the "IT Factor" department , but when he opened his mouth to sing no one thought about that. Where is he now? Gone, that's where.

Now we are stuck with the spastic geek boy with his "Soul Patrol". And then there is just the plain old boring Kathrine McPhreek. None and I mean None of the songs she sang this season said anything to me . But that's who we have in our final 2. Spastic geek and Ms. McPhreek. Showing once and for all that either, America has no taste in music ,or the whole entire show is rigged ,and if so, why should I invest my time in a show like that ? Anyway with the slim pickins for a winner this season I am sure Taylor will carry it without a problem. At least then we can say goodbye to Ms. McPhreek.

Oh well I guess I should be rooting for Taylor anyway since he is from my home state.If I could just close my eyes and not have to see his spastic geekiness that might just be alright.And so I leave this post to jump on the Taylor Hicks band wagon, wishing ever so much that it was Elliott's wagon instead. So I take my leave with a (not so hearty) soul patrol…….yay…wooohoooo???!!???

The Things People Say

Working in the Hospitality arena has its rewards. Besides working in places that are absolutely gorgeous, you get to deal with all kinds of people. With that comes all kinds of questions. I am fairly good friends with one of our concierges at the resort where I work and she is full of a constant supply of …how to put this delicately…… kind of silly questions. I thought I would share a few of my favorites.

 G= guest

C= concierge


G: You guys must be entering your slow season.

C: What makes you say that Ma'am ?

G: Well while driving around I hardly see any out of state license plates.

 Preface for #2 our lawn area is right on the beach , you can walk from the Front Desk right to the beach.


G:Excuse me could you please tell me what is our sea level ?

C: Well sir I believe it is around 3 feet above sea level

G:3 feet ??!! Are you sure.

C: Yes sir I am almost positive.

 My friend felt like asking what floor his room was on to get a more accurate sea level for him.


G: What do you do with all the workers when they are done with their shifts?

C: Blank Stare

(I suppose we are to be kept in an encampment so as not to be able to enjoy the same beaches etc that the tourists enjoy)

And preface for #4:

Maui as most of you know is part of an island chain. Therefore while on the beach you can see some of the other islands.


G:You know the bigger Island that we can see from the beach?

C: Yes Ma'am.

G: Is that Japan?

C: Blank Stare

These are just a few of the odd questions that we face here on the tropical shores of Maui. If perchance you ever visit please do us all a favor and make sure you pack your brain along with your sunscreen.

Mahalo Niu Loa (Thank you very much in Hawaiian) 

Mixed bag

 OK so . I watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy and although it was good, I think it could have been better. Denny should have lived but I knew the minute that Izzy said she would marry him that he was a goner. Also why is it that Doc Shepherd gets to play around with Meredith the way he is . I think Meredith and Flynn made a cute couple. Of course I know it wouldn't be the same show with out that dynamic. But I think Flynn is really hot and wouldn't mind him being around awhile.

I got to talk to one of  my long lost friends today on the phone,Jessica. She is great and I am very happy I refound her. We are making plans to get together when I go home during my vacation in June! It is very funny though because while I don't really have a southern accent, I do get one while I am talking to my folks and friends that are still there. When I got off the phone Patrick was like "why are you talking like a redneck" he thought it was quite irritating  cute and adorable.

And speaking of vacation I finally got my Disney World marketing DVD in the mail. I am so stoked I really can't wait to go there. I  watched the DVD like fifeteen times twice already. I can't believe that I lived in Alabama for 20 something years and I never went there. I will be making up for it on this trip. I also found out there is a Cirque De Soliel show that is a regular feature of the park,I LOVE me some Cirque !!

I am on the tail end of my days off so I am going to go and read. New book review/synopsis forthcoming. Catch it here on LWL!

The Blessing redux

The Blessing

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I don't know how but the picture got erased from the blessing post . I did something wierd. Any way here she is again…… Nahi

My heart

The Husband

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Ladies and gentlemen, the man in the blue shirt passing out leis, is the man I love more than almost anything else in the whole world ( he has my family and Lola to contend with but not much else.) And now that I have his picture up I guess I can stop calling him P it is Patrick.
He is having a rough time of things right now . His boss is being an absolute f'ing asshole. They are having a meeting today and Patrick might lose his job .The part that sucks is he has done nothing wrong.Just boss man riding a power trip.
All of this is happening less than a month prior to the anniversary of his mothers passing.I believe it was 6 years ago on June 19th. I hate that he is hurting.It kills me to see him so upset.If there was a way to make him happy and smiling again I would do it in a heart beat.
I am telling all of you this because I would like all of you to send him some happy vibes,Good karma and/or pray for him which ever it is you do best.I would be eternally grateful as would he.
Sorry to be such a downer today.It's just that my heart is hurting, and when he hurts,I do too.

The Blessing

I have finally have had some time to set up my flickr account and will be posting some pictures from our wedding as well as other pictures that I have in store. This Lovely lady is Nahi. She was our minister. She is actually saying a Hawaiian blessing over P's and my lei as well as the leis we had gotten for our honored guests. The Blessing Originally uploaded by scottk1265. .

OK you know the saying about how when it rains it pours. I just had that experience happen to me. The other day I was a little bored at work so I decided to play around on Google (SHHH I was supposed to be working). Anyway I searched for one of my old thespian buddies and lo and behold he had a web page !! It had a section to send him an email, and so I did. When I got home that night he had already responded to my email. And he seemed very excited to finally find me again(it has been like 10 years since we last spoke). In my response to him I asked him if he had any other emails from our old crew . He replied back with two more.

Then as if that were not enough I had a very close friend of mine comment on my blog. Well, she used to be a close friend.Because of my very nomadic nature it seems that I am hard to keep up with.Anyway the girl who commented on my blog I have known since we were in second grade. The two of my thespian friends that I have reconnected with both admitted to me that they have tried to find me a few times over the years. All I can say is I am glad that I have found these three treasures and hopefully, We can stay connected for a while this time.

I just think this is all a bit of a coincidence, because I have been thinking of all three alot lately. Plus my post about Steve L. I like it when the universe acts in our favor.