yay , ladies and gentlemen , my OLDER sister has started reading my blog !!!!!She really isn't that much older but it is fun to rub it in on occasion πŸ™‚ I love my family. And even though we are almost a whole Continent away I think about them and miss them daily. I am surprising my mom with a trip home to Bama in June and incorporating it with my trip to  Disney World. I have to give my big sis props though she is goin through some crap right now and I can't be there , kinda bugs me. But through it all she is keeping her chin up and taking the blows.

She is a great sis an even greater mom and I don't think she hears that enough. She has a blog . And you should go read her now ! I love my family very much and miss them deeply , but now I don't have to as much. We are a close family even though I am half a Continent away. And no Lorry I do not miss Steve more than you. I was just thinking about him at that moment. I think about you guys all the time. And ,yes you make my heart smile too πŸ˜‰