As I have mentioned in a previous post I hardly ever remember my dreams,and yet I still remember two vividly that I had when I was a child. My sister commented on that post that she wanted to know what those two dreams were. Now, being the generous and caring person that I am, I can not leave the other 4 people who read my blog out in the cold. Therefore, I am going to relate those two dreams to you all in this post. If any of you hate this post you can blame my sister. 😉

Dream #1:

My parents were having a lavish cocktail and hors d'oeuvre party at the house that we lived in during the time of the dream. (Lorry , the house is when we lived on Linden Street.) My mom asked me to go into the kitchen to get something or other. As I entered the kitchen I saw a hideous woman leering at me from our back porch. And when I  say hideous I mean really bad like, a lunatic troll doll crossed with a shrunken head on a stick,but with Marty Feldman's eyes ( Igor in Young Frankenstein). I started to slowly back out of the kitchen. Crazy lady chose that precise moment to crash through the kitchen door. She then started chasing me around our kitchen. All of a sudden we are running circles around our portable dishwasher( You all know the kind you attached to your sink then stored out of the way when not in use.) She was gaining on me when all of a sudden she tripped over the cord of the dishwasher. I took that moment to grab a huge knife from a drawer. I then stabbed her soundly in the chest with it . She promptly turned into a package of Oscar Meyer Bologna.

 Perhaps I had eaten a sandwich earlier in the day that really didn't agree with me.

Dream #2

In this dream my mother was driving me somewhere in a very bad snow storm. The road we were on was full of extremely bad pot holes. As we were driving along we were over taken by an ambulance, lights, sirens the whole nine yards. It got stuck in traffic right in front of us. We had not gone very far when the ambulance hit a really large pothole. At the end of the bump the doors of the ambulance flew opened and the gurney fell out. The impact of hitting the pothole jarred the gurney and something flew at the car. We could not tell what is was until after it's flight ended. On our car, right against the windshield. apparently it was the head of a decapitated ambulance patron. However this poor patient had been sitting somewhere a very long time. It was an extremely decomposed head , and then I woke up.

I think the second dream may be why I have such an aversion to loud sirens.And perhaps why I hate to have an ambulance pass me.Who knows?

Well there they are my two most vivid dreams. Any dream interpreters out there wanna take a crack at them ??If so speak up I would love to hear what you think. And remember if you hated this post it is all my sister's fault. 🙂