OK you know the saying about how when it rains it pours. I just had that experience happen to me. The other day I was a little bored at work so I decided to play around on Google (SHHH I was supposed to be working). Anyway I searched for one of my old thespian buddies and lo and behold he had a web page !! It had a section to send him an email, and so I did. When I got home that night he had already responded to my email. And he seemed very excited to finally find me again(it has been like 10 years since we last spoke). In my response to him I asked him if he had any other emails from our old crew . He replied back with two more.

Then as if that were not enough I had a very close friend of mine comment on my blog. Well, she used to be a close friend.Because of my very nomadic nature it seems that I am hard to keep up with.Anyway the girl who commented on my blog I have known since we were in second grade. The two of my thespian friends that I have reconnected with both admitted to me that they have tried to find me a few times over the years. All I can say is I am glad that I have found these three treasures and hopefully, We can stay connected for a while this time.

I just think this is all a bit of a coincidence, because I have been thinking of all three alot lately. Plus my post about Steve L. I like it when the universe acts in our favor.