The Husband

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Ladies and gentlemen, the man in the blue shirt passing out leis, is the man I love more than almost anything else in the whole world ( he has my family and Lola to contend with but not much else.) And now that I have his picture up I guess I can stop calling him P it is Patrick.
He is having a rough time of things right now . His boss is being an absolute f'ing asshole. They are having a meeting today and Patrick might lose his job .The part that sucks is he has done nothing wrong.Just boss man riding a power trip.
All of this is happening less than a month prior to the anniversary of his mothers passing.I believe it was 6 years ago on June 19th. I hate that he is hurting.It kills me to see him so upset.If there was a way to make him happy and smiling again I would do it in a heart beat.
I am telling all of you this because I would like all of you to send him some happy vibes,Good karma and/or pray for him which ever it is you do best.I would be eternally grateful as would he.
Sorry to be such a downer today.It's just that my heart is hurting, and when he hurts,I do too.