OK so . I watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy and although it was good, I think it could have been better. Denny should have lived but I knew the minute that Izzy said she would marry him that he was a goner. Also why is it that Doc Shepherd gets to play around with Meredith the way he is . I think Meredith and Flynn made a cute couple. Of course I know it wouldn't be the same show with out that dynamic. But I think Flynn is really hot and wouldn't mind him being around awhile.

I got to talk to one of  my long lost friends today on the phone,Jessica. She is great and I am very happy I refound her. We are making plans to get together when I go home during my vacation in June! It is very funny though because while I don't really have a southern accent, I do get one while I am talking to my folks and friends that are still there. When I got off the phone Patrick was like "why are you talking like a redneck" he thought it was quite irritating  cute and adorable.

And speaking of vacation I finally got my Disney World marketing DVD in the mail. I am so stoked I really can't wait to go there. I  watched the DVD like fifeteen times twice already. I can't believe that I lived in Alabama for 20 something years and I never went there. I will be making up for it on this trip. I also found out there is a Cirque De Soliel show that is a regular feature of the park,I LOVE me some Cirque !!

I am on the tail end of my days off so I am going to go and read. New book review/synopsis forthcoming. Catch it here on LWL!