Working in the Hospitality arena has its rewards. Besides working in places that are absolutely gorgeous, you get to deal with all kinds of people. With that comes all kinds of questions. I am fairly good friends with one of our concierges at the resort where I work and she is full of a constant supply of …how to put this delicately…… kind of silly questions. I thought I would share a few of my favorites.

 G= guest

C= concierge


G: You guys must be entering your slow season.

C: What makes you say that Ma'am ?

G: Well while driving around I hardly see any out of state license plates.

 Preface for #2 our lawn area is right on the beach , you can walk from the Front Desk right to the beach.


G:Excuse me could you please tell me what is our sea level ?

C: Well sir I believe it is around 3 feet above sea level

G:3 feet ??!! Are you sure.

C: Yes sir I am almost positive.

 My friend felt like asking what floor his room was on to get a more accurate sea level for him.


G: What do you do with all the workers when they are done with their shifts?

C: Blank Stare

(I suppose we are to be kept in an encampment so as not to be able to enjoy the same beaches etc that the tourists enjoy)

And preface for #4:

Maui as most of you know is part of an island chain. Therefore while on the beach you can see some of the other islands.


G:You know the bigger Island that we can see from the beach?

C: Yes Ma'am.

G: Is that Japan?

C: Blank Stare

These are just a few of the odd questions that we face here on the tropical shores of Maui. If perchance you ever visit please do us all a favor and make sure you pack your brain along with your sunscreen.

Mahalo Niu Loa (Thank you very much in Hawaiian)