I am very upset with AI (or America in general)this season. They began the season saying that this time they were looking for something "Fresh" and "New", someone who brought"excitement" back to the music industry.

Well they had that. In at least 3 of this seasons contestants. And where are they? Are they in the final 2? No they are not. Paris Bennett was AMAZING, not that she really needed this show to jumpstart her carrier. I am not that upset about her. Chris Daughtery was hailed by Simon as "The only contestant in any season who would not compromise his talent" He is gone. Elliott Yamin had a voice that was smooth as silk. He had his stuff down. Yeah he may have needed some help in the "IT Factor" department , but when he opened his mouth to sing no one thought about that. Where is he now? Gone, that's where.

Now we are stuck with the spastic geek boy with his "Soul Patrol". And then there is just the plain old boring Kathrine McPhreek. None and I mean None of the songs she sang this season said anything to me . But that's who we have in our final 2. Spastic geek and Ms. McPhreek. Showing once and for all that either, America has no taste in music ,or the whole entire show is rigged ,and if so, why should I invest my time in a show like that ? Anyway with the slim pickins for a winner this season I am sure Taylor will carry it without a problem. At least then we can say goodbye to Ms. McPhreek.

Oh well I guess I should be rooting for Taylor anyway since he is from my home state.If I could just close my eyes and not have to see his spastic geekiness that might just be alright.And so I leave this post to jump on the Taylor Hicks band wagon, wishing ever so much that it was Elliott's wagon instead. So I take my leave with a (not so hearty) soul patrol…….yay…wooohoooo???!!???