I am sure you will see this type of post on blogs all across the blogosphere in the next couple of days. So I wanted to be one of the first (ummmm..ok….in the top 50) to post about it. Let me get right to the point and tell you I don't like the Catholic Church very much. I know that might bug some people but I am kinda speaking with a lil knowledge about religion. I have a degree in theology.Now I know that there are some really really devout catholics out there, and this post is not meant to offend anyone. But I really can't understand how a religion is allowed to hold the power over history that the Catholic Church holds. The numbers of people that have been kept in the dark for centuries. I will also admit that I have heard it is getting better,More people out there don't want their religion spoon fed to them anymore.They wish instead to be pointed the way and they can figure it out for themselves.

At any rate this post is about the Davinci Code not the Catholic Church. It really cracks me up that there are so many religious people up in arms about this film. We all know that tinky winky is gay and that the homosexual population is the reason for most of the worlds ills. Why can't we be allowed to escape into a FICTIONAL FILM with out having to hear why we shouldn't see it because it is from the the pit of hell.I didn't see anyone get this worked up over say……. Bewitched for example…where were the freakin zealots when that film came out ?? Anyone know? It does have a witch in it you know. And isn't it the Curch that killed possibly millions of witches ( because we all know every one of those ladies was guilty) And yet they will slander Harry Potter till they are blue in the face. Maybe they knew no one would like Bewitched enough to give that film a second thought .Now I am no conspiracy freak. I am not one to ring bells and whistles because I am paranoid. But perhaps the church doesn't want everyone to know how much of a role they have played in history, behind the scenes. Because we do know that while the DC is a fictional story alot of its premises are based in fact.Oh and lets not forget about the fact that they back to the hilt a movie that is so graphic in nature that most adults who saw it were sickened. You know that movie by Mel Gibson, I didn't see it so I can't remember it's name.

 It is getting really tired and old to me to have the whole group up in arms about something like every other day. And yet when we strive to be treated as equals or want to be heard on certain topics we are once again the crux of so many of the worlds problems our voice does not deserve to be heard. It's getting to the point that it doesn't suprise me where they will go next.

 Sorry gang this post is all over the place the point of it is that I LOVED the DC loved the book, loved the movie and I just get fed up with people telling me it isn't OK that I watched it,or read it for that matter. Both the author and the Producer of the film have said that it is a work of fiction. They are not out to uncover all of the churches deep dark secrets,perhaps they should. Maybe then we could begin to crack the real code.Why is it that they hate so much,and judge so much and yes hurt so many innocent souls.