OK since this blog is titled Life with Lola I think It's time to tell a funny Lola story. There are many to choose from but I think this one is one of the better ones.

Back when we lived in Portland we used to take her for her day of beauty at a great little wash your own pet boutique called Beauty for the Beast. If any dog (or cat for that matter) owners who read my blog live in the Portland area go check it out. It is in the Hollywood neighborhood. You wash your dog and they supply the shampoo, tubs and dryers, plus there are great people working there. But I digress…. one bright sunny day after Lola was bathed and groomed, we decided to take her for a walk through downtown. We did not,however, realize that there was some kind of contest going on , I think between the high school Art departments. Each high school was to decorate a concrete cow and put it on display on the sidewalks of the downtown area. Then the people of Portland were to stroll through the painted cows and vote for their favorites. It was a really cool concept,the winning school getting a prize.I don't remember the prizes.

And so we set off on our trek.We walked around for awhile without running into a cow, with many people stopping to meet and pet Lola, asking what kind of dog she was etc the usual dog conversations. We then decided to get a coffee and sit out on the sidewalk and just relax. As we turned the corner to get to our coffee stop we were confronted with our first painted cow. Lola freaked out. She went from a healthy trot to a full stop in 2 seconds.Her ears perked up as she just sat there staring at the cow.Then she ever so slowly crept up to the cow. Very tentatively she started smelling the air around the cows legs.She then crouched down and started to bark loudly at the unmoving concrete cow.I think that's when her herding instincts kicked in because she kept trying to run around the cow and was nipping at its heels. Needless to say, the cow was having none of it. She just stood there motionless as concrete cows usually do.We decided, after getting Lola calmed down, to skip the coffee. After all Lola had just had a fairly bad day and she needed some down time. 🙂