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On the Wings of Love

Or in this case ATA airlines. Tomorrow will find me winging off into the great blue yonder. I will be arriving in Orlando on Tuesday afternoon, and imbibing in a few cocktails before we set off on our journey of the great DW Wednesday morning.Friday will find me in the air again to meet with my long lost family and friends in Bama !!!! And then back to Orlando for a frivolous 4th of July heading back to Paradise on the 10 of July.

It seems that I may need to take a vacation from my vacation when we get back to Maui. Wish me luck and clear skies as we arrive in Fla. I will post from Bama hopefully, I can use my parents computer a bit. Anyway that is all for me. I hope all is well in the blogosphere while I'm gone and that my readership (all 5 of you) will keep checking back for new posts.

Until later I bid you all a fond farewell !!!

P.S. Patrick and I will be meeting up with this guy  at Pleasure Island in Disney on Thurday June 29th if any of you other Orlando and surrounding area bloggers care to join us. Six is actually going to be the first fellow blogger I meet, so that should be fun and(many) cocktails will be consumed!!!!!


1 of 1 Million Reasons Why

…I love Patrick. He is with out a doubt the most comfortable 'mo's I know. A little background is necessary. He is the youngest of 10 children in his family(Irish/Italian) He also has an older brother that is gay and an older sister that is a lesbian, so by the time he came out to his family it was no big deal.They had all been through it before. In that respect he was very lucky. To his family being just one more 'mo in the family was no big deal.That mentality has been his life so he really has a hard time with those who don't get it.He doesn't really have a hard time with it as much as he just doesn't care,to him,as well as to his family it's just not a big deal.I have a story to illustrate my point.

A couple of years ago we were at a store buying snacks and booze for a party( I know we seem to always be shopping for a party or a bbq , but whatever) Any way we had a loaded cart with things like pretzels,chips,beer and various other party items and were headed to the wine area.As we were perusing the wine isle we were stopped by one of the wine vendors.

"Just look at your cart !" She exclaimed.

"What's wrong with our cart? Patrick asked.

"Well, nothing is wrong with it, it's just a typical bachelor's cart loaded with beer and junk food. It's kinda funny." Wine rep stated.

Patrick kinda laughed a little laugh and said "Yeah that is funny, especially since we are a fag couple and not bachelors at all !"

We then chose our wine and left the wine isle leaving poor little wine rep all alone to pick her jaw up off of the floor.


The Final Countdown !!!!


In other news…well there really is no other news. Work is going to keep me running like a chicken w/o a head right up until the day I leave, but that was to be expected (I guess). We just signed the lease for our house for another year, so looks like we will be living in paradise until at least June of 2007. After that our plan is to move back to the South Eastern portion of the United States. Most likely Tampa/St. Pete area of Fla.

I will most likely be posting again before we leave ..until then….

Last night Patrick and I watched KKBB on Movies On Demand,and while it is not a movie I would add to my collection, it was an ok movie. I love Robert Downey Jr. Not so much for his acting ability as I admire his stick- to- it -iveness( Is that even a word ?) Anyway the man has a problem, a big problem with drugs as we all know( if you don't know where have you been under a rock ??) But he keeps coming back. Plus he still looks half way decent too. But my point is he gets caught,deals with his crap and moves on. Yes it would have been great if we all had heard about it once, he got help,and now is doing much better,thank you very much. But for alot of people drugs don't work that way it is,or can become,a life long struggle.

 Segue to me for a moment. I have a hard time feeling bad for people who get caught doing bad things,usually.Mostly the hard time I have is that if this person is in the public eye 9 times out of 10 they pull the whole "pity me" thing. That's where they lose me And that's where RD Jr. Gains my respect, he never (to my knowledge )did the pity me thing.I have a story that illustrates my point.

  Back in my fledgling 'mo days I had my favorite bar I would frequent (there were only two in Huntsville,Ala anyway) My friends and I would find ourselves there most of the nights we went out. One Staurday night we went to our bar to find it closed with 4 or 5 cop cars outside of it. Dying to know what was going on we headed to the other bar knowing that somehow the story would already be circulating. And boy was it ever circulating. It seems, my dear readers ,that the owner of our favorite bar had been selling drugs in the bar,as well as serving underage cuties alcohol. ( As long as they were cute not only did they get in free but most of the drinks were "taken care of " too) Now, not wanting to believe the story circulated by the "other bars"owners , I started to contact some of my friends who weren't with us . These other friends were also friends of the favorite bar's owner, so I knew their story would be a bit more trustworthy.

 Turns out that all the stories being circulated were,in fact,true. The owner of our bar had been the victim of a sting operation and he had gotten caught.Of course the whole "Gay Community" was up in arms. It couldn't have been true. The owner was framed. They(being the redneck str8 folk) were taking out their hatred on one of our favorite watering holes. But,alas,it was true. All of it. Every last sorted detail. Favorite Bar Owner went to jail.For a long time. And here is where I started to differ in my opinion from that of my friends. Of course they started to do "fund raisers" at the bar in support of and to help the owner. Many of these events found me absent,or at the other bar. When questioned as to where I was I usually changed the subject or just plain didn't answer. You see I couldn't be involved in "helping" the owner. Because I believed he was where he deserved to be. In Jail. There are certain things in life that we simply do not do. The owner knew that what he was doing was, besides being illegal,just morally wrong. What would have happened if one of those underage drinkers had gotten in an accident and killed someone, or some ten. I lost a few of my friends back in the day because I refused to support the owner of the bar.Even today when I relate this story I get mixed reviews,some think I should have supported the owner,some are proud of  me because I stood apart from it all. I ask you what would you have done, had you been in my place? Am I overly critical ? Or not compassionate enough? I think not. What do you think.  

IME Complete

I got done with my Independent Medical Exam today!! Woot Woot!! Anyway I was basically stressed out for no reason. The Dr.was nice enough.The question period wasn't as long as I thought it was going to be, and the exam was perfunctory at best. He looked at all my X-Rays did a few measurements and that was it. Now he just has to write his report to the insurance company which he said will take about 3 weeks . We shall see what we shall see.

Lola’s Vacation at the Spa

While we are away in Orlando and Bama we are sending Lola to a boarding kennel here.We have spoken to the owner at great lenghts because A) It is the first time we are leaving her for an extended stay B) She has really bad seperation anxiety problems. I think I would too if 4 previous owners had returned me to the pound.We had thought about just letting a friend of ours stay at our house for the 15 days but couldn't find anyone who could actually be there alot at night for Lola. Plus she HATES the 4th of July. Well, I don't think she has a problem with the date as much as the festivities that surround it .

She is terrified of fireworks. One of the first years we had her, the year I found out about this issue, I came home from work to find her under our bed. Only she was too big to fit under the bed and had become stuck. I had to dismantle the whole bed just to get her out. That may have freaked her out even more I'm thinkin'. Ever since that episode we have gotten doggie downers for her on New Years Eve and the 4th of July.But I digress, the owners of the kennel probably think it is Patrick and I who are having the seperation anxiety. They could be right. However they are being quite understanding. We get to bring her doggie bed and any of her toys for her (we actually went and bought her new ones for her stay).They have also promised to give her the doggie downers on the 4th. So we now feel reasonably comfortable leaving her in good hands. Who am I kidding we will probably call and check on her at least 25 times two or three times while we are gone .

The kennel lets them out in the play yard for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon so at least she will get some excersice. And on the day we get back she gets a grooming ,bath,haircut, nails trimmed the whole 9 yards. So she also gets quite the little vacation. Her 15 day spa treatment , I just hope she enjoys her stay.

 P.S. 16 Days and counting til Vacation 😛

The Twirling Fairy

I am obsessed by things that are STRANGE BUT TRUE.I love the show Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack And I even tolerate the other show with Jonathan Frakes ( I can't remember it's name)Heck I even have an unsolved mystery of my own going on in my own house.Read on dear readers.

Patrick collects fairies. Fairies on toad stools, fairies looking at themselves in mirrors, silver fairies,fairy boxes, pewter fairies, hanging fairies…well you get the picture. A good friend of his gave him a copper fairy with stained glass wings she stands about 7 inches actually she kneels with her wings outstreched.She is quite beautiful.In our kitchen we have a bay window, above the sink, that looks out over the back yard. This bay window shelve became this particular fairy's home. When we set her out we decided that she would look out over the living area , well she had a different idea. The day after we got her Patrick and I went to the movies with some friends. When we got home I was in the bedroom reading and Patrick called for me to go into the kitchen.

"Did you move my fairy?" He asked

"No" I said " I haven't touched her."

"Well, someone has." was his reply.

We both looked up at the fairy at the same time and she was completely turned in the opposite direction than the one we placed her in . She was now staring out the window into the back yard.Trust me this is not a fluke of nature we have tested this theory a few times by turning her back so she is facing the living room, without fail she has always been looking out the window by the time we go to bed.My belief is that the breeze from the window is somehow catching her wings and turning her slowly,slow enough that we don't notice until after she is completely turned around.Patrick's belief is that she just wants a better view than that of our living room. You be the judge.

P.S. 18 days left til vacation. 😀

Alrighty then I have been promising another book review /synopsis for a while . Well here it is. It isn't very often that I find a book that I can hardly put down,one that I want to read til the wee hours of the morning. This one by James Rollins is one of those. The weird thing was I really didn't think I was going to like it . A friend recommended it me and told me I would . I had my doubts, until I got to page 5 by then I was totally immersed in the story line. In it a secret group sets out to steal the sacred bones of the Magi, or the three Kings who came to worship the baby Jesus. However, the bones aren't what you think and neither is the book!

The second book I heartily recommend is this one . This one is another book that totally gets you right from the beginning . It will have you guessing what the heck is going on right until the very end. Mr. Coben is actually one of my favorite authors. If you pick up this book you will see why. I have read some others but I don't want to weight you down with too many good reads all at once.I will post another installment somewhere down the line. Until then, go read a book !!

End of a Chapter

19 days til Vacation!

In other news only 4 days until I have my IME. For those of you not familiar with workman's comp cases that is basically where the book gets closed on your case. Independent Medical Examination. This is a doctor that does nothing but work for the insurance company and rates the injury. I am not sure what scale they use but it determines how disabled you are/will be going into the future. After that is determined they then go into negotiations with the place of employment,the insurance company and the workman's comp lawyer (if you have one).The negotiations are to come up with a suitable settlement equal to the severity of the injury. When Patrick tore through his Meniscus ( tendon on the side of your knee) he was given a fairly decent settlement. Now it is my turn. It's a little scary,and to tell you the truth has me a bit stressed out. Patrick says I have nothing to worry about as my knee continues to give me problems on a daily basis. I just need to be truthful. And as much as it is stressing me out I know it will be a good thing ,as that chapter of my life will then be closed. The settlement will not do anything to bring my knee back to 100%. But perhaps a nice settlement will help me be more able to deal with it !! 😛

Too Early to Countdown ?

I realize that my vacation is still over 20 days away but is that really to early to start a countdown. The reason I am so stoked about this vacation is 1) I haven't seen my family in a long time and I get to spend 4 days in Bama. 2) I have never been to Disney World 3) I get to buy some new clothes for my trip.And 4) I got a really great deal on a hotel room for 4 of the days I am in Orlando!  3 bedroom 3 bath Villa 1 Mile from the gate for $125.00 per night right on Lake Bryant. Being in the Hospitality Industry has its perks.Plus I found out the other day that we will also be swinging by Tampa for a few days at the end of the vacation and get to go to Busch Gardens.Perhaps when I go to Bama I can persuade my sis and her kids to go to Point Mallard with me(it's a water park near where we live in Bama) Then the whole vacation will be about family, friends and amusement parks ! How cool would that be?