OK… let me start out by saying that if it wasn't for tourists I would not have a job and I never would have considered moving to Maui. That being said I would like to know why alot of you who come here are so,shall we say, not happy ? C'mon kids your in freakin' Maui.Lets leave the bad attitudes at home on the mainland.I swear they will be there when you get back from vacation .

I can not really concieve of a reason to be unhappy here, unless you despise the ocean,scenic drives,and really nice beaches,and if that is the case,why here?? Since I have been here (almost a year and a half) I have seen soooooo many people making themselves miserable here.Yelling at the front desk employees because of the gorgeous tropical birds that flock to the trees in the evening being to loud outside their rooms. OK……what does that person at the front desk have to do with the birds ? Your on freakin' vacation people,its part of what makes Maui unique(unless you have a million tropical birds outside your bedroom window at home too).

And is there a reason you have to drive 70 mph in a 40 ?? Rest assured niether the beaches nor the mountains are goin anywhere.Go slow,take the freakin' time to look around you and see why you chose this as your vacation destination. Now I do understand that things can go wrong while you are here and that you may have saved up along time to get here, but I also think that you may be the greatest detractors to your experience here. No reason to have a fit because you have to wait for a table at a busy restaurant, or there's a line at the gas station and you may have to wait to "fill er up".

You know maybe if you got in the vacation spirit before you got here those of us who live here would be more inclined to let you in on some secret spots.Maybe a great show to see in Lahaina, or easier ways to get where your goin. Or do you really need to ride a bike down a volacano, and if you do we could tell you to bundle up at first. It gets mighty cold at the summit . We could tell you if that restaurant is really worth waiting for, or not, but not if we feel we may get yelled at if we take to long or give you a wrong answer. Now I'm sure that there are many folks who come here and love it and will never vacation anywhere but here. Then this rant is not for you. All I am sayin' is relax your on vacation enjoy it while you got it. Get a tan.Drink a maitai(or 12) ,and just take the time you need to enjoy yourself.It's YOUR VACATION, I'm sure you've earned it, take the time to relish it. Just sit on the beach and breathe!