I realize that my vacation is still over 20 days away but is that really to early to start a countdown. The reason I am so stoked about this vacation is 1) I haven't seen my family in a long time and I get to spend 4 days in Bama. 2) I have never been to Disney World 3) I get to buy some new clothes for my trip.And 4) I got a really great deal on a hotel room for 4 of the days I am in Orlando!  3 bedroom 3 bath Villa 1 Mile from the gate for $125.00 per night right on Lake Bryant. Being in the Hospitality Industry has its perks.Plus I found out the other day that we will also be swinging by Tampa for a few days at the end of the vacation and get to go to Busch Gardens.Perhaps when I go to Bama I can persuade my sis and her kids to go to Point Mallard with me(it's a water park near where we live in Bama) Then the whole vacation will be about family, friends and amusement parks ! How cool would that be?