19 days til Vacation!

In other news only 4 days until I have my IME. For those of you not familiar with workman's comp cases that is basically where the book gets closed on your case. Independent Medical Examination. This is a doctor that does nothing but work for the insurance company and rates the injury. I am not sure what scale they use but it determines how disabled you are/will be going into the future. After that is determined they then go into negotiations with the place of employment,the insurance company and the workman's comp lawyer (if you have one).The negotiations are to come up with a suitable settlement equal to the severity of the injury. When Patrick tore through his Meniscus ( tendon on the side of your knee) he was given a fairly decent settlement. Now it is my turn. It's a little scary,and to tell you the truth has me a bit stressed out. Patrick says I have nothing to worry about as my knee continues to give me problems on a daily basis. I just need to be truthful. And as much as it is stressing me out I know it will be a good thing ,as that chapter of my life will then be closed. The settlement will not do anything to bring my knee back to 100%. But perhaps a nice settlement will help me be more able to deal with it !! đŸ˜›