Alrighty then I have been promising another book review /synopsis for a while . Well here it is. It isn't very often that I find a book that I can hardly put down,one that I want to read til the wee hours of the morning. This one by James Rollins is one of those. The weird thing was I really didn't think I was going to like it . A friend recommended it me and told me I would . I had my doubts, until I got to page 5 by then I was totally immersed in the story line. In it a secret group sets out to steal the sacred bones of the Magi, or the three Kings who came to worship the baby Jesus. However, the bones aren't what you think and neither is the book!

The second book I heartily recommend is this one . This one is another book that totally gets you right from the beginning . It will have you guessing what the heck is going on right until the very end. Mr. Coben is actually one of my favorite authors. If you pick up this book you will see why. I have read some others but I don't want to weight you down with too many good reads all at once.I will post another installment somewhere down the line. Until then, go read a book !!