I am obsessed by things that are STRANGE BUT TRUE.I love the show Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack And I even tolerate the other show with Jonathan Frakes ( I can't remember it's name)Heck I even have an unsolved mystery of my own going on in my own house.Read on dear readers.

Patrick collects fairies. Fairies on toad stools, fairies looking at themselves in mirrors, silver fairies,fairy boxes, pewter fairies, hanging fairies…well you get the picture. A good friend of his gave him a copper fairy with stained glass wings she stands about 7 inches actually she kneels with her wings outstreched.She is quite beautiful.In our kitchen we have a bay window, above the sink, that looks out over the back yard. This bay window shelve became this particular fairy's home. When we set her out we decided that she would look out over the living area , well she had a different idea. The day after we got her Patrick and I went to the movies with some friends. When we got home I was in the bedroom reading and Patrick called for me to go into the kitchen.

"Did you move my fairy?" He asked

"No" I said " I haven't touched her."

"Well, someone has." was his reply.

We both looked up at the fairy at the same time and she was completely turned in the opposite direction than the one we placed her in . She was now staring out the window into the back yard.Trust me this is not a fluke of nature we have tested this theory a few times by turning her back so she is facing the living room, without fail she has always been looking out the window by the time we go to bed.My belief is that the breeze from the window is somehow catching her wings and turning her slowly,slow enough that we don't notice until after she is completely turned around.Patrick's belief is that she just wants a better view than that of our living room. You be the judge.

P.S. 18 days left til vacation. šŸ˜€