While we are away in Orlando and Bama we are sending Lola to a boarding kennel here.We have spoken to the owner at great lenghts because A) It is the first time we are leaving her for an extended stay B) She has really bad seperation anxiety problems. I think I would too if 4 previous owners had returned me to the pound.We had thought about just letting a friend of ours stay at our house for the 15 days but couldn't find anyone who could actually be there alot at night for Lola. Plus she HATES the 4th of July. Well, I don't think she has a problem with the date as much as the festivities that surround it .

She is terrified of fireworks. One of the first years we had her, the year I found out about this issue, I came home from work to find her under our bed. Only she was too big to fit under the bed and had become stuck. I had to dismantle the whole bed just to get her out. That may have freaked her out even more I'm thinkin'. Ever since that episode we have gotten doggie downers for her on New Years Eve and the 4th of July.But I digress, the owners of the kennel probably think it is Patrick and I who are having the seperation anxiety. They could be right. However they are being quite understanding. We get to bring her doggie bed and any of her toys for her (we actually went and bought her new ones for her stay).They have also promised to give her the doggie downers on the 4th. So we now feel reasonably comfortable leaving her in good hands. Who am I kidding we will probably call and check on her at least 25 times two or three times while we are gone .

The kennel lets them out in the play yard for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon so at least she will get some excersice. And on the day we get back she gets a grooming ,bath,haircut, nails trimmed the whole 9 yards. So she also gets quite the little vacation. Her 15 day spa treatment , I just hope she enjoys her stay.

 P.S. 16 Days and counting til Vacation šŸ˜›