Last night Patrick and I watched KKBB on Movies On Demand,and while it is not a movie I would add to my collection, it was an ok movie. I love Robert Downey Jr. Not so much for his acting ability as I admire his stick- to- it -iveness( Is that even a word ?) Anyway the man has a problem, a big problem with drugs as we all know( if you don't know where have you been under a rock ??) But he keeps coming back. Plus he still looks half way decent too. But my point is he gets caught,deals with his crap and moves on. Yes it would have been great if we all had heard about it once, he got help,and now is doing much better,thank you very much. But for alot of people drugs don't work that way it is,or can become,a life long struggle.

 Segue to me for a moment. I have a hard time feeling bad for people who get caught doing bad things,usually.Mostly the hard time I have is that if this person is in the public eye 9 times out of 10 they pull the whole "pity me" thing. That's where they lose me And that's where RD Jr. Gains my respect, he never (to my knowledge )did the pity me thing.I have a story that illustrates my point.

  Back in my fledgling 'mo days I had my favorite bar I would frequent (there were only two in Huntsville,Ala anyway) My friends and I would find ourselves there most of the nights we went out. One Staurday night we went to our bar to find it closed with 4 or 5 cop cars outside of it. Dying to know what was going on we headed to the other bar knowing that somehow the story would already be circulating. And boy was it ever circulating. It seems, my dear readers ,that the owner of our favorite bar had been selling drugs in the bar,as well as serving underage cuties alcohol. ( As long as they were cute not only did they get in free but most of the drinks were "taken care of " too) Now, not wanting to believe the story circulated by the "other bars"owners , I started to contact some of my friends who weren't with us . These other friends were also friends of the favorite bar's owner, so I knew their story would be a bit more trustworthy.

 Turns out that all the stories being circulated were,in fact,true. The owner of our bar had been the victim of a sting operation and he had gotten caught.Of course the whole "Gay Community" was up in arms. It couldn't have been true. The owner was framed. They(being the redneck str8 folk) were taking out their hatred on one of our favorite watering holes. But,alas,it was true. All of it. Every last sorted detail. Favorite Bar Owner went to jail.For a long time. And here is where I started to differ in my opinion from that of my friends. Of course they started to do "fund raisers" at the bar in support of and to help the owner. Many of these events found me absent,or at the other bar. When questioned as to where I was I usually changed the subject or just plain didn't answer. You see I couldn't be involved in "helping" the owner. Because I believed he was where he deserved to be. In Jail. There are certain things in life that we simply do not do. The owner knew that what he was doing was, besides being illegal,just morally wrong. What would have happened if one of those underage drinkers had gotten in an accident and killed someone, or some ten. I lost a few of my friends back in the day because I refused to support the owner of the bar.Even today when I relate this story I get mixed reviews,some think I should have supported the owner,some are proud of  me because I stood apart from it all. I ask you what would you have done, had you been in my place? Am I overly critical ? Or not compassionate enough? I think not. What do you think.