…I love Patrick. He is with out a doubt the most comfortable 'mo's I know. A little background is necessary. He is the youngest of 10 children in his family(Irish/Italian) He also has an older brother that is gay and an older sister that is a lesbian, so by the time he came out to his family it was no big deal.They had all been through it before. In that respect he was very lucky. To his family being just one more 'mo in the family was no big deal.That mentality has been his life so he really has a hard time with those who don't get it.He doesn't really have a hard time with it as much as he just doesn't care,to him,as well as to his family it's just not a big deal.I have a story to illustrate my point.

A couple of years ago we were at a store buying snacks and booze for a party( I know we seem to always be shopping for a party or a bbq , but whatever) Any way we had a loaded cart with things like pretzels,chips,beer and various other party items and were headed to the wine area.As we were perusing the wine isle we were stopped by one of the wine vendors.

"Just look at your cart !" She exclaimed.

"What's wrong with our cart? Patrick asked.

"Well, nothing is wrong with it, it's just a typical bachelor's cart loaded with beer and junk food. It's kinda funny." Wine rep stated.

Patrick kinda laughed a little laugh and said "Yeah that is funny, especially since we are a fag couple and not bachelors at all !"

We then chose our wine and left the wine isle leaving poor little wine rep all alone to pick her jaw up off of the floor.