Or in this case ATA airlines. Tomorrow will find me winging off into the great blue yonder. I will be arriving in Orlando on Tuesday afternoon, and imbibing in a few cocktails before we set off on our journey of the great DW Wednesday morning.Friday will find me in the air again to meet with my long lost family and friends in Bama !!!! And then back to Orlando for a frivolous 4th of July heading back to Paradise on the 10 of July.

It seems that I may need to take a vacation from my vacation when we get back to Maui. Wish me luck and clear skies as we arrive in Fla. I will post from Bama hopefully, I can use my parents computer a bit. Anyway that is all for me. I hope all is well in the blogosphere while I'm gone and that my readership (all 5 of you) will keep checking back for new posts.

Until later I bid you all a fond farewell !!!

P.S. Patrick and I will be meeting up with this guy  at Pleasure Island in Disney on Thurday June 29th if any of you other Orlando and surrounding area bloggers care to join us. Six is actually going to be the first fellow blogger I meet, so that should be fun and(many) cocktails will be consumed!!!!!