I am writing this from Alabama the place of my childhood haunts, and it’s kinda wierd. All of the kids who were around when I was a kid are gone,or still around with kids that are the age I was when I lived here. But it is all basically the same. Yeah there are new malls, different shopping centers etc but at the heart of it all it is the place I grew up in. All of my nephews and nieces are turning into fine lil people. My first nephew turned 18 a couple of days before I got here. It is kinda like an episode of the twilight zone or outer limits.But I am not complaining. It’s just a little wierd.

I got to spend some time (not nearly enough) with one of my greatest friends, Jessica today. It was really nice. We haven’t seen each other in forever ,and basically just found each other again but it was as if no time had passed.I loved that.We ate shopped and then went to what was one of the best ice cream places I have ever been to. They have cake batter ice cream ya’ll I ain’t kiddin’. We talked about her visiting Maui, I hope she took it seriously I would love to have her!! Tomorrow is waterpark day, we are all going to Point Mallard and it worked out well because tomorrow is half price admission day !!! Then I am back to Orlando on Tuesday to hang out with the Mouse some more. Plus I will be back with Patrick. I know it has only been 4 days but I miss him like crazy.OK I am out , I might be able to post again, but if not I will resume shortly after my return to Maui on the 10th of July. Be patient dear readers I will be back !