From the title of this post you may be able to tell that we got safely back to Maui.After 2 planes and 13 hours in the air,crossing all 6 times zones and a 3 hour lay over in Phoenix.My body has no clue as to what freakin’ time it is right now.But we are home and safe. Lola is home from the boarding kennel sporting a fresh new hair cut. She was soooo excited to see us yesterday, if she had smiled any harder the top of her head would have come off. But already it’s back to the grind. I am writing this from work,while Patrick is at home unpacking and sorting gifts from the Mouse. I have a few funny (to me anyway and this is my blog) stories to relate about the vacation, and will post some of them in the coming days.Alligators, Banana peppers and strawberry jam and a search for the elusive Tigger baseball cap included (you’ll have to check back to find out how they all fit in).