While going to my hometown of Lacey’s Spring, Ala I had about three hours to kill in Birmingham while I awaited my Greyhound bus. Since I had alot of time on my hands I decided to walk around downtown B’ham. After walking around for awhile I realized that I was very hungry, and set my energies toward finding something to eat.

I finally found a cute little restaurant,and went in to grab something to eat that was convenient and quick. I saw that they had one of my favorite breakfast items, sausage biscuits. I ordered two of those to go. It wasn’t until I got to the register to pay that I realized that I was in the south again. You see the cashier asked me if I wanted strawberry jam for them.She actually said “Do you want grape or strawberry jam for those hun.” I went with strawberry. Not to sure about the whole grape thing. At least not on a biscuit.

While growing up I consumed massive amounts of these culinary delights and had always thought it weird when people doused them in ketchup instead of jam.I was really surprised that I had forgotten all about the idea of jam on my biscuits but was pleasantly reacquainted with the idea. As I took my first bite of sausage and strawberry jam biscuit I sighed quietly to myself. It was then that I knew I was back in Bama again.