While we were in the lovely city of Orlando, Fla. I was fully aware of the fact that alligators abound in that area . Even if I had not been aware of that fact there were plenty of signs in the community in which we were staying. Signs that stated quite simply “please do not feed the alligators” and ” If you have an alligator sighting in this area please call animal control at *&^-(*&).” So you can imagine my heightened sense of awareness while out and about.

One day while we were staying at Patrick’s sister’s house, everyone had decided on a short outing.Realizing that this was a chance for me to have a moment of solitude I declined the offer.I decided to explore the area a bit while the rest of the gang was gone .I took a short walk around the complex. It wasn’t until I was coming back to the house that I saw it . An alligator was poking his head out from beneath one of the bushes in front of Kim’s house. I froze where I was, standing in the driveway.

By that time the gang was on their way back so I thought it best to stay where I was until they returned. I could swear the beady little eyes were staring right at me. The car pulled up and everyone got out.

“Uh ,guys I would be very careful if I were you.” I warned

“Why?” Kim asked.

“There is an alligator under your bush.” was my reply

Kim decided that we should all slowly make our way into the house so that she could call animal services. While she was on the phone to animal services I was on the phone to my mother telling her I was trapped in Kim’s house with an alligator outside. I was just a little freaked out.

Later that night Patrick and I were having a night to ourselves at the park ( yes I had run very quickly to the car.) Kim had assured us as we were leaving that animal services would have come and gone by the time we got back.I gave the gator no thought when we got home. We had scored extended hours wristbands from one of the guest service people in the Magic Kingdom and didn’t get home until 2A.M.. The next morning as we were going to breakfast, we had to stop at the 7/11. It wasn’t until I got inside that I realized that I had been PUNKED…. you see gentle readers all along one whole shelf were….. yup you guessed it FAKE ALLIGATOR HEADS. Punked indeed…..