Ok so A hurricane is headed straight at the Hawaiian Islands. Actually it was downgraded today to a tropical storm. I guess because the winds in it are now only 75 mph. But the forecasters say he may gain strength again before he hits us. And by looking at his trail if he does gain strength we are in trouble. We live on the north shore of Maui . In the surfer/hippie berg of Paia. We could walk to where all the professional surfers and wind surfers do their thing. And if the tracking is right it will hit a bit of the big island then head straight towards…you guessed it north shore of Maui. It is supposed to happen sometime next week.And all the locals are telling us that we are due for a hurricane supposedly we get one every 10 years.

Now, I am a little freaked out but not really worried. I have seen alot of natural disasters from close up. I have seen too many tornadoes to count growing up in Bama and then in San Jose I felt 2 minor earthquakes ( a 4.7 and a 3.9).So now it may be time to experience a Hurricane we shall see.

And now onto the irony. Ever since Patrick and I have been together he has been trying to get me to move to Key West. He lived there from Sept of 96 through 98 and was on the Key during Hurricane George.For any of you that have been to Key West he worked at Billie’s Bar. I told him there was no way I was going to live on a strip of land that was connected to the mainland by only a bridge due to the frequency of hurricanes. So we then compromised and moved here to Maui with the intention of staying here for a few years but ending up somewhere in Fla. Tampa/St.Pete being my favorites, my thinking being that at least they are on the mainland not just connected by a bridge. So now we are in the South Pacific. on an Island with no bridge to anywhere with an approaching storm. Does anyone else feel this is a tad ironic?? Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway keep us in your thoughts as next week approaches and if you wanna see Hurricane Daniel ( or tropical storm Daniel whatever) you can go here.If I don’t post a whole lot next week you may know why.