I though that I would have a few more than two books to tell you about this time since I have been on vacation. But I don’t,seems the Mouse tended to eat up most of my time while in Florida.But the two that I do have to tell you about are awesome.

The first one is the latest by one of my favorite authors Michael Connelly. I have yet to pick up book of his and not be happy with the outcome. I think that in the Mystery/Cop/Thriller genre he is one of the better ones out there, along with Jeffery Deavers. His latest called The Lincoln Lawyer can be checked out here.

The next one is a book by an author that I have tried to pick up a few times, but she just didn’t do it for me. However, Kill the Messenger by Tami Hoag,grabbed me by page 5 and I was in it ’til the end. And what an ending it was. I never saw the end of this one coming and it kept me guessing all the way through.It had some very strong characters which I fell in love with right away. I am a sucker for characters who are likable from the first word out of their mouths.This book is full of those. Check it out here. Both of these are worth reading.

Other than that no real blogworthy news going on at this point.But check back soon. Plus I need some feedback on these book review posts. Do you guys enjoy them ? Find them boring ? What are your thoughts ? Let me know in the comment section, please.