Yes, you read it right. As of today I have had 2000 hits on my lil ole blog. Now I know for some of you 2000 hits is nothing, just a flash in the pan. However I wasn’t really sure if anyone would like my blog. I tend to have a fairly plain and normal life. Which is why I don’t post daily. There just isn’t that much going on for me to blog about. But 2000 hits! That is noteworthy, at least to me it is and I couldn’t be happier.

Now if I could just find a way to average more than 5 comments per post that would be great ! Anyway just wanted to say something to mark this auspicious occasion. Those of you who are dropping by and not commenting may start to do so at any time. I think I have already established that I am a comment ho.Thanks to all of you who have gotten me this far. Lets keep it up !