I am not usually a complainer,as a matter of fact,I feel that complaining does nothing but bring the problem into bigger focus so you can stress out about it more. Not that I ignore a problem, but fretting about it doesn’t get it worked out.

Having said that I am sure you can tell I am about to complain. I love living here on Maui, it is a great place.Except for two things;Cane Spiders, and Borders Bookstore.

1) Cane Spiders- They are everywhere, and they are quite large. An adult Cane Spider can have a body mass as large as a full grown man’s balled up fist (and that ain’t including the legs ya’ll). As you can tell by their name they live in the sugar cane fields here, so they are pretty much left to their own devices. Except when it is time to burn the cane(burning the cane fields is the first step in making sugar). This is the time when all the lil cane spiders flee the cane fields, and where do you think these spiders go? huh?? Wherever they can to avoid being burned alive. Meaning houses, cars etc etc. And since there is a cane field right across the street from our house, we get inundated with them at least 4 times a year.Oh and did I mention they bite ? Yup they sure do.Not that I have been bitten,yet.It is only a matter of time though,I believe.Did I mention that they get into your cars? Yup there is one in my car right now. I am not sure exactly when it got in there but it is there. I saw it walking across my rear windshield on my way to work today.Yup that was fun. You know that icky feeling you get when you see a cock roach? Yeah,well magnify that by about 200,000 times and that’s how I feel when I see one of these puppies.Did I say that they can get a body the size of an adult male fist? Well they can and do. Enough about them onto #2.

2) Borders Bookstore- I really don’t have a problem with BB. Well,not in comparison to the cane spiders.My only problem with them is it is the only bookstore on the island (well that and Borders Express). That just irks me no end.I moved here from Portland ,Oregon. Home of Powell’s Bookstore one of (if not the) largest bookstores in the US. Even when I couldn’t get to Powell’s I at least had a couple ofย B & K’s to peruse through. I know you guys are probably like “jeez what the hell is he complaining about ” But I love to read and it is all about selection. We have none. Granted Borders is really good about ordering things that they don’t have. That just brings me no solace. If I want a good book I want it now not 7-10 days from now.I know call me spoiled.

I am now done dissin’ Maui. I just wanted to let you all know it isn’t all Mai Tais and ukuleles around here. I am a survivor though so I guess I will just have to “make do”. It could be worse, I could still be in Alabama.Just joshing bamians, you know I love ya’ll.